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Don’t Mess With The Press

  It is time to push back against efforts to erode public trust in the news media. It is time to pull for the people who dedicate themselves to quality journalism. It is time to get the media we need and deserve. A town-hall discussion on What each and every one of us can/must do […]

The Early Bird Gets The Cheese Steak

By Meena Kannan, Eve McGloon, Olivia Siegel, and Claire Cherrick (Illustration by Sophie Navratil) Empty stomachs, full tank, can’t lose, right? Well, that’s what we thought. Captain Olivia, Aux-master Claire, Cheese Connoisseur Meena, and Sleeping Beaut-Eve were ready to start the 139-mile trek up North to the city of Brotherly Love. We left with high […]

High School’s Unknown Addiction

By Ian Benepe, Joel Herberman, and Matt Levin Sports are a way to make new friends, exercise, and follow a team. However, they are also a way for students to gamble and potentially lose a lot of money. Whether it is fantasy sports or simply betting on the results of a game, students can get […]

Schools Must Teach Black History

By Hannah Smith To many Americans, February is synonymous with Black History Month. This month aims to recognize and celebrate the many black achievements that were previously erased from our history books. Harvard scholar Dr. Carter Woodson proffered this month of recognition and it has been recognized by every American President since 1976. However, despite […]

Eyewitness Inauguration Day

by Jack Barker Reporting on the inauguration was one of the best experiences in my life. Jackson Barnett, a former B-CC student, asked me to go down to the inauguration to cover the event for the Colorado University Independent. The Colorado Independent is an online news source written by students attending the University of Colorado […]

Stranger Things Review

by Tom Pahl Most likely, everyone and their mother, dog and house plant have recommended this show to you. It’s actually difficult to even summarize this show because a great deal of the enjoyment comes from figuring out exactly what the hell is going on. But because I enjoy making things more difficult for myself, […]

Music Daily No. 1

By John Narvaiz The latest drop in hip hop music was Mac Miller’s newest album, The Divine Feminine. It’s quite the contrast to his album last year, GO:OD A.M. Miller describes this new album as an album about love and how it relates to the feminine form. The Pittsburgh rapper says it’s the, “feminine energy […]

The Third Party Conundrum

by Anthony Ashe With the election mere days away, every news channel is plastering endless amounts of polls and voter demographics on television screens across the country. This cycle has produced 2 of the worst and most abhorrent candidates in the history of our country. Despite this being extremely painful and excruciating to watch it has […]

Music Stars

by Sophia, Eve & Julie Music is a huge part of today’s culture, and has a huge influence on today’s generation. Whether you listen to pop, hip-hop, rock or classical, music has become an outlet of expression for its listeners. But for some students, it’s not enough just to listen. Instead they take it upon themselves […]

Trump’s America

by Meena Kannan The constant animosity, the extreme polarization, hatred that spreads like wildfire; when did America become like this? When did respect and civility get thrown out the window in order for bigotry and nastiness? When did America become so much of a laughing stock that other countries tune in to our presidential debates […]

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