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What Does Government Shutdown Mean?


National Parks and museums are closed, and 800,000 federal workers remain out of work or working without pay. After two weeks of a Government shutdown, President Trump suggests that the shutdown could last for “months or even years.” A Government shutdown occurs after Congress fails to appropriate funds for the following year, and this time the conflict is a result of the infamous “wall.” Trump, who was hoping for five billion dollars to be included in the spending bill, threatened a Government shutdown if the Democrats were unwilling to add the money. Instead, the Democrats offered $1.3 billion to continue current border-security. As the Senate was unable to come to a conclusion regarding the bill, the shutdown began.


As the two week shutdown continues, many American people do not know how this will affect them personally. Locally, Smithsonian museums remain closed, as well as many of the monuments and even the National Zoo. Parts of Rock Creek National Park are closed as well. Living so close to Washington DC, many students find their parents at home instead of working.  In different situations, some government workers continue to work without pay, as the Government is no longer funding.


The longest standing shutdown was 21 days in 1995-96, but this year the days continue growing as no progress seems to be made.

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