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The Premier Lacrosse League: An Explosion of “New”

Paul Rabil is likely the greatest lacrosse player ever. After attending Watkins Mill High School in Montgomery Village, MD, Rabil transferred to DeMatha Catholic High School, and then went on to Johns Hopkins University, and finally continued his illustrious career at the pro level at the Boston Cannons and then the New York Lizards. But in the Fall of 2018, Rabil, his brother Mike Rabil, and a group of investors have created a new league; the Premier Lacrosse League.

Fed up with the poor pay and mismanagement of Major League Lacrosse, Rabil and a few other pro players on Team USA and various other MLL teams have helped start the Premier Lacrosse League, scheduled to begin play in the Summer of 2019. This league model is much different than other leagues of any sport in the country. The new league will have no geographically based teams, as the league will operate on a tour based model, in which all six teams will meet up in a select city for a weekend of games. The Premier Lacrosse League will make the players full time employees, offer them health benefits, and give them equity in the league, something that the MLL didn’t do. The PLL has also secured a broadcast deal with NBC Sports, and will even have two games on NBC. As for the possibility of diluting the Lacrosse talent pool due to the two leagues, the PLL has acquired a huge advantage, as they have signed almost every notable Pro Lacrosse player except for Rob Pannell and Lyle Thompson. Although the MLL will still continue play next summer, many believe it will have to eventually fold due to the lack of talent still in the league. The first face-off for the Premier Lacrosse League is June 1st, 2019, so be sure to tune in to one of the NBC Sports Channels.

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