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Will the Field Be Done On Time?

As B-CC students rest more comfortably in their new building, there lies one matter on everyone’s minds: the field. Due to the lack of space, construction to the new building was carried out with machines working from the field, requiring the construction crew to use up part of the field as a parking lot. Given this, it wasn’t possible to recreate the field until the renovation to the school was completed. Construction to build the addition left the field looking like an ecosystem developing right in the middle of Bethesda, decreasing the students’ confidence in the promise that the new field would be finished in the spring, before any sports begin.

Although both Whitman’s and Einstein’s fields were finished later than expected, Dr. Jones expects the field to be done, “we hope, by this spring.” While we still have some time before we see the field, the tennis courts above the parking garage will likely be done within a few weeks.

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