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Portables Finally Removed

On Friday, November 16, school property was absent from school. When students arrived at school, they realized the portables had been finally removed from the front lawn.

The construction workers had arrived at B-CC on October 26 to take the portables away, now that the new wing of the school is in use. The portables were originally placed by the tennis courts but were eventually relocated to the front lawn when the school went under construction in 2016.

The portables were initially installed because the school lacked the space to fit all 2,400  students, and continued to house classes during construction. Yet, until October 26th, no action had been taken to remove the portables.

When asked why it took so long for the portables to be extracted from their site on the front lawn, Dr. Jones responded, saying, “I honestly don’t know. I assume that the resources they have in removing them and personnel available to remove them, it must have been limited.”

Although construction workers arrived on October 26th, the portables were not expected to be removed until November 8th.

However, on the 8th, one portable remained on the front lawn. It had taken a full week for the last remaining portable to be completely removed and the space in the front lawn was empty, leaving in its place a lawn stripped of its grass.

Nonetheless, some students and faculty expect the portables to return, including Dr. Jones. “It’s certainly possible,” Dr. Jones said. “We are expected to reach our capacity in five years.”

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