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B-CC Addresses Threatening Post

At 6:17 PM, on Wednesday, November 7th, a former B-CC student posted a concerning post on Facebook. Malik Toby Newman, a plumber living in Germantown, Maryland, attended Westland all through middle school, then B-CC until junior year.

According to one source, Newman was expelled from the school because he had behavioral issues. He then transferred to Magruder before having to transfer again to Northwood where he graduated in 2014.

The post claimed that his attendance at Westland and B-CC had negative effects on his mental health.

The post wrote: “My mental health has severely been affected by my experience at Westland and bcc. To the point that I’m so full of anxiety, and second guess myself. F**K all y’all. God doesn’t sleep. I’ve come from nothing. I never had anything. And NO ONE genuinely EVER gave a damn about me. See me now though. Whipping coupes and water front living. All y’all going to hell. Each and every single person who spoke my name.”

The next day, Dr. Jones released an email informing all parents of the “threat” the school received. In an interview, Dr. Jones explained, “the reason I sent the email out to parents is that if we give the permission to the police, I want the parents to know that because I think our community really appreciates being in the loop.”

Parents did appreciate receiving the email, but some parents were so concerned with their child’s well-being that they prohibited their kids from attending school on Friday, November 9. This action probably stems back to recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida last February where thirteen students were shot to death. Some parents even came to school with their kids to ensure that B-CC administrators were taking measures to address the threat.

To their satisfaction, two extra security guards were stationed at two of the entrances at school. Throughout the day, Mr. Cunningham, one of the security guards at B-CC, was reassuring students that they were going to be okay.

The threat was handed to the police, who investigated the issue, eventually coming to the conclusion that there was no real threat to the safety of any students or teachers at the school. Newman remains posting on social media his day-to-day activities, occasionally referring back to his life in Bethesda, yet none seem to promote any kind of desire to take action in injuring any students at Westland or B-CC.

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