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Parties Vs Fiestas

The United States and Mexico have drastic differences relating to how society functions when it comes to social gatherings.

In other countries, the U.S is known for its habit of strictly enforcing laws and maintaining order. Parties are almost something that are looked down upon because they carry too many risks that can potentially break the law (especially when referencing high school parties). U.S teens have transformed the global idea of parties to something secretive and obscure.

In Mexico, parties are something that come more naturally and even in a healthier manner. Family reunions and social gatherings are an essential element in people’s lives from a young age because they encourage the importance of pure enjoyment and interaction.

A typical American high school party is located in a person’s basement, where ideally, the parents are not home. The main attractions are usually the drugs and alcohol provided. Music is played, as long as it is not loud enough to wake up the neighbors, who can at any moment, call the police. People leave the party no later than 11:30 pm.

A Mexican high school  party is located in the largest communal area of a house or apartment, and often time when there is not enough space, streets are closed to fit more people. Parents are usually home, and are in charge of the flow of people coming in and out. Alcohol is often provided, however since parents are usually home, it is given in moderation. Music is blasting and everyone is dancing. Parties end at around 2-3 am.

Growing up in Mexico City and in Bethesda, Maryland, it is clear that Mexican party culture is better. In the the U.S there is a  compulsive attraction to drugs and alcohol that dominates the aspect of simply socializing and having fun with your friends, which is essentially what makes up a party.

Although alcohol is a prominent element in both Mexico and the U.S, in Mexico it is something that is more ordinary within the culture. The drinking age in Mexico is 18, so naturally, people start to drink at a younger age. Although drinking at a younger age might seem like a negative thing, this normalizes drinking and makes teens less desperate to do it obsessively.

In the U.S drinking at a young age is seen as something absolutely terrible because it tends to be done recklessly. The strict American laws make teens want to do it even more because of the common teen mentality to do what they are not allowed to do.

Mexican party culture generally provides a healthier environment for teens both physically and mentally. Although the presence of alcohol is never a great thing, Mexico has adapted it in a way that is not too harmful to teens. The central focus on drugs and alcohol in American parties has deliberately shown to harm teens and allows them to use drugs and alcohol in an uncontrolled environment.

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