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B-CC Students Suffer Series of Break-Ins on Chelton

An aerial view of B-CC’s surrounding neighborhood (courtesy Google Earth)

Chelton road has long provided convenient parking. B-CC students and staff have peacefully chosen to forgo overcrowded lots and take advantage of neighborhood passes or the school’s allotted street parking for years. Some however, are learning that easy and accessible parking may come at a higher cost than they imagined. In the past month alone, Chelton road has become a victim of upwards of five break-ins, all consisting of shattered windows and stolen property.

Seniors Tom Merritt, Brendan Hughes, and Justin Smith were all victims of recent break-ins. Each one of them had their window shattered with a rock and had various items stolen. The items were an assorted collection of goods, including “some sweatpants and a deodorant stick,” from victim Tom Merritt’s car. Merritt’s beaten up 1998 Mercedes SUV is not a vehicle that would typically attract break-ins, which puts the criminal’s motive to question.

The victims are all acquaintances with one another, but other than that there do not seem to be any correlations among motives other than location.

The location is certainly not ideal for a break-in. The criminal is exposed to the surrounding neighborhood- including passing cars, pedestrians, and even Officer Tisdale- so one must wonder why someone would choose this location to perform such an obvious break-in.

The break-ins were spread throughout the month of October, often with days or weeks between crimes.

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