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Liberal Partisanship Hits New Low with Kavanaugh

It seems as if the Democrats will never learn. Once it became apparent to the Democrats that they were no longer able to block Justice Kavanaugh by challenging his judicial philosophy and record, they took to destroying his character and honor in the most detestable act of partisanship seen in years.

Judge Kavanaugh demonstrates all of the qualities a justice must have: he was the top of his class at America’s finest schools, served as an apprentice to Justice Kennedy, and has 26 years of experience in the American judicial system. Kavanaugh has served in the highest ranking positions in the George W. Bush administration, worked in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals for over 12 years, and has written over 300 judicial opinions, 10 of which were adopted by the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh has displayed extraordinary judicial qualification, so much so that he was chosen by a current Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan, to teach at one of America’s most elite institutions, Harvard Law School, for over 10 years.

Yet these are the exact reasons the Democrats had to destroy Kavanaugh using 36-year old uncorroborated claims with no evidence to slander his name – just as they tried to do with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas nearly thirty years ago. The left and the liberal mainstream media loathed the idea of another conservative justice that would shift the power of the Court and give the Republicans control of all branches of government.

It is laughable to me that supporters of these Democrat antics argue that their intentions were truly in the best interests of survivors of sexual assault and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Democrats deliberately hid Dr. Ford’s name for six weeks, hired her a top notch attorney, and assisted in getting her a lie detector test, which they refused to release the questions for or results of.  Additionally, the Democrats intentionally planned the coming forward of Ford at the last minute, when her letter just so happened to be “leaked” a week before the confirmation vote.

This organized attack on Kavanaugh is nothing more than a sham in which the Democrats used their classic manipulation of identity politics to derail and destroy yet another conservative. Their attack was nothing more than a political ploy to block Kavanaugh, hopefully take the Senate in the midterms, and thus reduce the influence of President Trump. The resistance we see from Democrats today is now far more than “Never Trump;” it has become “never conservative.”

It puzzled liberals and the media when, in a September poll from Gallup, about 80 percent of Republicans stated that they support Trump despite his multiple personal flaws and sometimes erratic behavior. Sure, having a man who is somewhat of an egomaniac and acts in an extremely unprofessional manner can be unsettling, but it beats the hell out of a leader who sees half the nation as deplorable for holding conservative values. President Trump’s unwavering support from his base comes from a variety of different reasons. Trump is one of the few politicians who answer to no one; he speaks his mind and has stuck to his promise to advance the conservative agenda, even while facing a relentless attack by the Democrats. Democrats have pushed Republicans further right with their gleeful destruction of distinguished conservatives such as Brett Kavanaugh; their actions have fired up a base that the Democrats seem to forget put Trump into the office he holds today. Identity politics and demonization of conservative America has motivated Republicans to come out with the same enthusiasm we saw in November 2016. Just a month ago, Democrats had an 11 percent advantage in the NPR-Marist polls asking about election enthusiasm and importance to voter bases; the most recent poll released this weekend showed the Republican voters are only one percent lower than the Democrats in election enthusiasm. The “blue wave” the Democrats hoped for in midterms has evaporated, and they can look to themselves for who to blame. Destroying a man’s character and name with no evidence or witnesses shows how low they will stoop to fight the conservative agenda. Even after an FBI investigation concluded no wrongdoing on Kavanaugh’s behalf, the Democrats presumed his guilt before innocence.

This vile display of partisanship and defamation will not be forgotten by the Republican base and has restored the motivation that Republicans need to win big in midterms. Republicans are angry and this election will certainly show that. I can’t wait for the red wave to rise in November.

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