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Once Upon a Prom Adds Men’s Suits to Dress Giveaway Program

Once Upon A Prom, an all-student volunteer Bethesda – Chevy Chase High School (B-CC) organization announced today they will now add men’s suits to their prom dress give-away program. The newly expanded gown and suit collection drive will begin today and continue through the month of November. Once Upon A Prom has given away over 4,000 prom dresses since 2010 and serves all students in Montgomery County and the Greater Washington Metro District.

Lola Epstein, a senior at B-CC and president of Once Upon A Prom, said, “The Season of Giving is beginning and a donation of lightly worn bridesmaid, prom and ball gowns to Once Upon a Prom has meant and will mean so very much to so many girls in our community. Now a donated men’s suit will provide the same opportunity for
guys attending prom.”

The whole prom experience is expensive and cost-prohibitive for many families and can be a financial hardship. By adding men’s suits to the event it will take a burden off all students’ families.

“By donating gowns and suits the donors will give every
student the freedom to attend his and her prom and have the quintessential high school experience,” Lola said earnestly.
Lola observed, “We’ve seen girls from surrounding schools arriving by metro, carpools and even school buses for the our dress give-away event.” She added, “It is heart-warming to see the smiles when each finds her special dress. All of us who volunteer share in the excitement and joy of the moment… that moment when each girl knows it is the right dress and she feels like a princess. That’s exactly why we love to volunteer; it’s for that shared experience… a shared experience now for all.”
“Almost literally,” Epstein said quietly, “the warmth in which the dresses are given fills the room; smiles on the volunteers’ faces equal the smiles on the girls trying on the gowns.”
Donating dresses and suits to Once Upon a Prom is easier than ever; the gowns and suits may be dropped off at the main office of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, or to schedule a pickup, email Lola Epstein at

Once Upon A Prom at B-CC is a registered non-profit organization; all donations are tax deductible.


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