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Corner Slice Raises Student Price

Corner Slice during BCC lunchtime (Picture taken by Aviva Teller)

Corner Slice, a hotspot for B-CC students during lunch time, changed the price of their student special -two slices of pizza and a drink- from five to six dollars starting this school year. B-CC students are annoyed with the change, but Corner Slice was left with no choice.

According to owner, manager, and self-proclaimed “dishwasher” Brian Sluder, Corner Slice “[doesn’t] really make a lot of money off the students” even though “students take up 50% of business”. Instead of making money off of the students, Sluder counts on the fact that students will buy their pizza and then tell their parents about Corner Slice who hopefully go on to pay full price. The price of making pizza has risen since the deal was first offered 15 years ago said Sluder, and until this year, the price had never changed. “I had to raise prices.” When asked about sales this year, he admitted “we’re not selling as much.”

This isn’t the first time that Corner Slice has changed their deal, however. In the past, the deal included a plastic bottle of soda, but recently it was changed to a can. The reason: cost. According to Sluder, bottles cost $1.14 while cans are a mere 20-50 cents.

The students have reacted negatively to the recent price increase. Although it is only an additional dollar, students were frustrated by the change. Asher Rubin, a junior at B-CC, compared it to Subway’s controversial decision to increase the $5 footlong to $7 saying, “It’s not a huge inconvenience, but it is just annoying”. Rubin adds, “because of the quality of the pizza, I will still go, but the price change will definitely result in me not going as much.”

Sluder still isn’t entirely sure how the change is affecting their overall business, and won’t find out until the end of the year, but he is hopeful that the raised price will increase their profits.

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