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Girl’s Volleyball Brings Home a Win and Raises Funds for Breast Cancer Research

The Barons cheers after winning a point.

(Photo Taken by Eric Bickel)

BETHESDA, Mary., (Sept. 27, 2018) The B-CC volleyball team won another game, upholding their winning streak in a home game against Walter Johnson on Tuesday in the Dig Pink game. The ticket revenue and bake sale proceeds went towards stage IV breast cancer research at the Side-Out Foundation.

According to the Side-Out Foundation, this group, established in 2004, was created to bring together volleyball players and their coaches to spread awareness about breast cancer. Many fundraisers are held in the name of this foundation, with the funds going to organizations that specialize in breast cancer research, medical services for patients, and giving support to those hospitalized. The Side-Out Foundation wants the best for breast cancer patients, hoping that through their help, these patients can regain control of their lives and receive the best possible support, education, and treatments.

At this breast cancer awareness rally, which is part of the Side-Out Foundation Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BCC won their game. In their program for the game, the team commemorated their friends and family members who are battling breast cancer and also those who they’ve lost to this cancer. Motivated by the thought of them, the Barons upheld their 7-0 winning streak. Winning the first two sets, they played extremely well, electrifying the crowd. They lost the third, yet the crowd still remained strong, yelling at the referee and screaming every time BCC scored. Winning the fourth set, B-CC emerged victorious, much to the chagrin of the visitors.

“After every point, win or lose, the crowd was electric,” said junior Danny Brown, who attended the game with friends. “I’ve been to two other volleyball games during my time at B-CC, and this one was completely unlike the others. Before, I felt like the only one cheering on the team, but this time I couldn’t hear myself over my fellow Barons.”

Natalie Ryan, a player on the varsity team, was thrilled by the crowd, saying how it was “nice to know [the team] had a lot of support from the staff and students”. She said that it made her feel less nervous than usual, knowing that she was supported by her team and fellow peers. She felt “If [she] made a mistake, [she] could bounce back.” Over all, she thought the game was a lot of fun and was happy that a substantial amount of money was made for the foundation, especially through the bake sale that was held the day before the game and during the game itself.

Zoe Wrathall, a sophomore who attended the game, stated that the brownies she purchased “were the best she’s had in her whole lifetime”.

Despite the game being a massive hit, sophomore Jules Capizzi complained that “the gym was too hot! There was so much body heat!” While this speaks positively about the size of the crowd, some Barons did agree with Jules, complaining about how stifling the gym was. Although most people had a great time at the game, the experience was sullied by the lack of sufficient air conditioning.

Tilly Sandmeyer, a sophomore on the team, said “I’m really proud of us” and the students at BCC couldn’t be happier about their win.

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