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Women’s Studies Class To Be Introduced for 2018-2019 School Year

By: Ariel Ruiz, James Springer, Hayden Renaghan, and Emma Scharff

Women’s Studies is a new English elective course being offered for the 2018-2019 school year. Our team of journalists spoke to Ms. Trimble, who will be teaching the class, about the curriculum and importance of the class.

Ms. Trimble said that the curriculum will focus on women’s movements throughout history and portrayals of women in media. The class will read texts by prominent women authors and use project-based learning and class discussions to explore the topics of study. The class’ main focus is the relationship between language and gender, which students will study by exploring a variety of works, including film, poetry, news, and advertisements. Ms. Trimble believes that the class will be extremely influential, changing the way students think about how gender impacts their lives and interactions with each other. She encourages everyone to take the class, saying that differing opinions will make the class interesting. Though mostly female students have signed up for the class, it is open to everyone, and there will be opportunities to attend protests, learn from guest speakers, and engage in debates that will benefit all students who are interested. A 9th grade student said that it would be “really empowering” to take a class that is so student-centered and allows students to explore how deeply rooted gender is in our society.

Women’s Studies has no prerequisites and is one semester long. If you are interested in learning about contemporary women’s issues and participating in discussions and protests, talk to your counselor about signing up for this enriching class.

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