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Illegal New Phenomenon Hits BCC: Students Juuling in School

By: Rachel Auerbach, Lilly Behbehani, Iman Khosrodad, Sophia James, and Sydne Chesson

Three Bethesda- Chevy Chase students were caught juuling, a common form of vaping, in the men’s bathroom at BCC on April 23rd, 2018.

The group of boys, consisting of a sophomore, junior, and senior, were taking turns hitting a juul in the bathroom when a security guard walked in and caught them in the act. After confiscating the juul, the security guard forced them to engage in a “self-search”, in which the students empty the contents of their pockets to ensure they are not carrying any more illegal substances. Allegedly, marijuana was found in the pockets of one of the boys, significantly increasing the consequences the students received as a result of the incident.

Although a specific punishment has not been confirmed, school counselor Richard Gordon explained that those who participate in vaping in school will likely receive “at least one day of in-school suspension, and a harsher punishment if the students were distributing or carrying marijuana or juul pods.” He also pointed out that the students will likely have to attend a program at suburban hospital in addition to whatever punishment they receive. He specifically mentioned SASCA, Screening and Assessment Services for Children and Adolescents, a program many students in similar situations have been required to attend. He ev

en noted that time spent with the SASCA program may help minimize suspension time.

B-CC security guard Ray Grey condemned the actions of these three students, but commented that “they are not necessarily bad kids or troublemakers..(juuling) is just a trend kids are doing now.” He described the vaping phenomena as a phase that will fade in the future, and explained that it is common for students to feel pressured into participating in these illegal trends.

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