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When It Comes To Top Quality Food, How Far Are B-CC Students Willing To Travel?

By: Dylan, Henry, Jack, and Eli

For students at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, the school’s prime location doesn’t necessarily mean easy access to the best lunch spots. According to multiple B-CC students, they would rather take the time, and even skip school, to travel to a farther lunch spot in order to get the best food.

Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School is located on East-West Highway and is just a short walk from downtown Bethesda, an active town with a multitude of options for dining. Most students across the country would drool at the ability to leave their schools and explore the dining possibilities of their area, but not the students of B-CC. Even with all these options, junior William Philpot describes his options as “boring and unattractive”. This is on par with the opinions of other students who all agree that one must go outside of downtown Bethesda in order to get better food.

Despite this consensus on the lack of good food options close to B-CC, students differ on what they are willing to sacrifice to get their good food fix. Senior Thomas Baer has to settle for some lesser spots that are in a closer proximity if travelling farther means having to miss school, or not being able to finish his homework at lunch. Others students, such as junior Thomas Herrick Reynolds, have no such feelings of remorse for sometimes ignoring their academic obligations. Tommy claims he will sometimes skip 4th or 5th period in order to eat at what he considers to be his perfect spot.

Speed of travel, specifically having a car, is the key for B-CC students when it comes to embarking on a top quality mid-day munch. Juniors Quinn Knopp and Thomas Herrick-Reynolds both drive to school, which gives them far more options for dining compared to those who can only make the 15 minute trek to a closer, more mediocre option. Driving gives students a plethora of options, whether it be Montgomery Mall, Friendship Heights, or even into DC.

The majority of students at B-CC opt to stay at school to work during lunch, usually because of the lack of good close eating options, and the drive to succeed. Junior Nathan Messer told us “I’d rather get my work done at lunch then go to a mediocre restaurant for lunch and have more work to do at home.”

Overall, students here at B-CC got to grub. The distance between school and a good food spot is a obstacle that students are willing to overcome to quench their driving hunger


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