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The Tattler’s Inaugural Rec Basketball Power Rankings

By Matt Levin and Sammie Vekstein

It’s that time of the year again. All over the school, people cannot stop arguing; fights continuously break out, and people become divided by what neighborhood they live in. Is gang violence rampant at B-CC? No. Rec basketball is back. Over eight weeks starting in January, teams all over B-CC will compete to see who is the best. Sharp shooters and dribbling wizards all across Montgomery County were previously divided, but now finally come together around one simple passion…crossing kids up, and making their once-friends look like fools. The Tattler is here to show which team has the greatest shooters, causes the most ankle breakers, and who has the best chance to be on top at the end of the season.

B-CC Men’s Recreational Basketball Power Rankings

1. Bethesda Bullets

Coming off an undefeated season, The Bullets are ready to defend their championship crown. Led by seniors Neil Himwich and Joe Viqueira, the Bullets have previously beat some of their opponents by 50 points or more. Now in Division 1, after being promoted by the recreational basketball league office, team leader Ben “Turner” Friedman is not worried about playing in the big leagues. “We know we have a target on our backs this year, and that’s really motivated us. Personally, I’m coming back from winning MVP (self proclaimed) last season, so I’m very excited to defend my crown.” In the upper division, the Bullets must take their game to a new level in order to continue their winning streak throughout the new season.

2. Team Kelly

Led by seniors Matthew Dubrow, Alex Tsereteli, and grit leader Lucas Kiel, Team Kelly is looking to make a splash in the league this year. Coming off of a semi-successful 2016-17 season, Team Kelly is looking to compete with the best of the bunch. Last season, they saw many of their players receive ejections for fouling out, fighting and arguing with the refs. Senior Philip Gregory, who was ejected in four of the eight games last season, stated “The games are fun for the first five minutes before I get ejected, but at least I can heckle the refs on the bench.” Team Kelly believes ejections cost them multiple games last year, including a loss to the Bullets. However, they were able to hand the Warriors a
loss and prove that they belong in the top five.

3. Warriors (AKA Westbrook Squad)

Coming off a very disappointing season, at least to their standards, the Warriors are looking to shoot their way back to the top. Coached by John Wileman, the Warriors have had a reputation for being one of the best shooting teams in the league. The Warriors are filled with veterans of the league, having played together since they were in kindergarten. Some question if “Westbrook Squad” is a team of basketball players, or just a bunch of random athletes thrown together, but assistant to the assistant captain Josh Fry begs to differ. “Some people say we could compete with the B-CC varsity team.” The main question that surrounds The Warriors has always been, do they have the willpower to take down the best of the bunch? Spirit Commander Michael Fensterheim thinks so, stating, “If someone said we played with our eyes closed and won, we’d believe it.”

4. Team Slump

Newcomers to the league, Team Slump is looking to defy the haters. This will be the first year Team Slump has ever played together, but they don’t make excuses. Boasting a star studded roster including Elijah Adler and Noah Berg, Team Slump feels that they can beat any team in the league. Senior Donavon Larimore expressed his confidence in his team and made it clear that he “wants to thank God for the opportunity.” Team Slump certainly has the talent level to rise to the top, but their lack of experience takes a toll on their pre-season rankings.

5. Young Shootaz

The Young Shootaz have had a long history of being one of the most dominant teams in the rec basketball association, not having lost a game in four years. However, injuries and disqualifications have recently hindered their team. Junior Travis Cann exclaimed, “It’s not surprising that we’re in the top 5 given that we have the largest collection of talent out of anyone.“ Fellow Junior Will Philpott is the X factor of the team, who will be needed to keep their win streak alive. The Young Shootaz certainly have the talent to compete with anybody, but strength of schedule keeps them at five in our rankings.

B-CC Women’s Recreational Basketball Power Rankings

1. The Starz

The Starz are on top and they’re here to stay. Featuring a star studded lineup including seniors Sophia Wallach and Tory Silver, The Starz certainly have the talent and intimidation factor. Not only have the Starz been known to dominate the competition, but their real strong suit on the court has been hyping each other up and having a good time. After losing just one game last year, The Starz established themselves as a top contender, but they wanted to make sure they were number one. They have now bolstered their lineup by acquiring shot blocker Audrey Zantzinger who is looking to be a true presence in the paint. Senior Abby Bollman is confident her team is the best of the rest stating, “We are all shooting stars while the rest of the teams are useless blackness in the dark Milky Way.” The Starz have the talent, confidence, and determination to stay on top, but will they be able to live up to the high expectations?

2. The Rockets

After being slept on for years, The Rockets are hoping to continue on from last year’s successful season. The Rockets have some sharp shooters in Merete Cowles and Tessa Adler, but do they have the grit to compete with the other upperclassmen teams? Junior Angela Yepez wanted to make the team’s message clear that “We’re here to take ankles and nothing else.” The Rockets have the potential to further climb the rankings, but they will have to continue to collect wins against top tier opponents to do so.

3. Hot Dawgz

The Hot Dawgz are looking to make a splash in their return to rec basketball after not playing since middle school. Led by seniors Lili Barrett and Paige Moffit, where the Hot Dawgz lack in basketball skill, they make up for in positive attitudes and having fun. Julia Dimmick and Alejandra Pinzon said that the Hot Dawgz “might not know how to play, but we know how to win.” This team has the athletes to compete, and their positive attitudes were strong enough to crack the top five in the power rankings, but we will have to see how far it takes them when the season begins.

4. The No Names

The No Names certainly have the heart to compete with the best, but do they have the tenacity? Led by juniors Jessica Zehner and Siobhan Brindle, the No Names are looking to make a name for themselves in the big league. The No Names will have to step up their three point shooting and get their free throw percentages up to make a step in the rankings. However, junior Hanna Shine is not worried stating, “If at first we don’t succeed, we fix our pony tails and try again.” Their mamba mentality got them in the top five, but it still remains to be seen if The No Names can compete with the best of the bunch.

5. The Baby Ballerz

They may be young, but you can’t measure heart. The Baby Ballerz are comprised of underclassmen who attended Westbrook Elementary School, but they aren’t afraid of the older competition. Freshmen Lindsay Kramer has heard it all from the haters, but wanted to make it clear that “Even though we might be younger than everyone else, our team agrees that we’re probably better.” Having been playing together since second grade, the Baby Ballerz certainly have the experience to compete with the competition. The Baby Ballerz will have to greatly improve their physicality and grit if they want to move up in our rankings.

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