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Dinger from the Winger: A Look at Nathan Messer

By: Caroline Wilks, Kevin McAuliffe, Pablo Lopez, and Lola Epstein

With 3 minutes to go and B-CC up 2-0, right wing player, Nathan Messer, attempted to dribble forward towards the goal when a defender from the opposing team, Churchill, ran full force from behind him, sending Nathan to the ground. The whole crowd gasped as they watched Nathan rock on the ground, clenching his knees in pain. The teams took a knee together as the medical trainers rushed to the field. Three minutes of stunned silence ensued, as the crowd held their breath, hoping he was okay. Finally, Nathan was able to slowly get up and limp off the field with his arms over his two teammates. As the three minutes dropped off the clock and B-CC solidified their 2-0 win, everyone was thinking about the wellbeing of our star right wing. As the final whistle blew, the whole B-CC team sprinted to the student section to celebrate with the school. Fans were so relieved when they saw Nathan sprinting over with his teammates, seemingly recovered from his fall. The whole student section ran over to the sideline and celebrated with the players, happy with the win and happy to have their star player healthy.

Nathan has scored twelve goals this season so far, becoming a crucial offender during each game. His teammates rely heavily on him and have developed fantastic communication skills to work well together on the field. One of his teammates, Justin Anderson, describes working with Nathan as “a lot of fun, whenever he gets the ball, you just have a feeling he’s going to do something great.”  The B-CC team was relieved to see that Nathan’s injury ended up being nothing but a cramp because if it had been more serious, the team would have been impacted significantly. Even the fans were able to see that Nathan came out in better physical form at the game on Wednesday, assisting all three goals of the game and sending his team onto the state semi finals last Saturday, where they defeated Sherwood 1-0 in a tight game. The goal for Nathan and for B-CC is to win states, and the pressure is on as “out of the last 10 years, 7 of the past state champions have come out of [B-CC’s] conference.”


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