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Building Services Staff Deserves More Respect

By Monique Boateng and Grace Harrington

Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School habitually practices respect. The students at Bethesda-Chevy Chase understand respect goes both ways, and definitely make it known to the staff. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to all staff. The Building Services staff doesn’t receive enough respect, and is consistently being looked down upon because of their occupation.

Miss Tori Budd, a Building Services worker, makes it clear to students that she is tired of the disrespect and states that she’s “not anybody’s maid.” She described students dropping trash in front of her and her co-workers, expecting them to automatically pick it up. Miss Budd feels strongly about wanting more respect, and is positive her co-workers can agree. “A lot of people don’t respect us because of our job, but we make sure the school is a nice place for staff and students,” she continues.

Mr. Alain Perron, the Building Services Manager, corroborates to the claim that there is a feeling of disrespect towards Building Services in BCC. He described students and staff avoiding opportunities to work with them, and how there are times when trash is purposefully left behind for them to clean. Mr. Perron calls the situation “unfortunate”, but asserts that the loves working with kids and seeing them grow. He appreciates how working in a school can let him have a connection with students. Mr. Perron would appreciate if if students took more pride in the building and treat it like it is: their second home.

Building Services works incredibly hard so students and staff can work and learn in a safe, clean environment, and they do so without much praise. B-CC must work together as a whole to encourage mutual respect between faculty, students, and Building Services.

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