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Digital Downturn in MCPS

By: Isabel Danzis, Cole Doherty, Liam Hennessy and Tommy Turi


This week at BCC High school the internet connection, has been frequently cutting out during 6th and 7th periods, causing a lot of inconvenience for students and teachers, along with wasted instructional time. Although many of the students appreciated the temporary down time, it wasn’t the most beneficial use of a class. Let’s just say Baron Time came early in some classes. According to MCPS Chief Technology Officer Pete Cevenini in an email sent to MCPS staff, the reason for the internet outage is equipment issues that protect the county’s network. Although this seems to be a recurring event this week Pete Cevenini ensures they are working around the clock to fix the issue.  

At B-CC many teachers rely on the internet to get assignments out to their students, through various online software programs (Google Classroom, MyMCPS classroom, etc.). Still teachers had to show how flexible they could be. Mrs. Burke, a 10th grade English teacher, was supposed to have her 6th period class work on an essay, when the wifi cut out. Unable to access their essays the class had to do a homework assignment instead. If all goes well Mr. Cevenini and his team has resolved the issue.


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