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B-CC Renovation Ramps Up Over the Summer

By Matt Levin

It has been over a year since construction at B-CC began. At this point, students have adjusted to life without the front stairs, with portables on the front lawns, and all our home sports games at WJ.

Over the summer, the construction crew worked vigorously on the front office, expanding the principal’s conference room, connecting the main office to the future entrance, and putting in some other minor touch-ups. While the construction crew worked very hard on the front office, they worked even harder on the new wing of the school. When we left B-CC in June, the addition was just a frame. Now, the outside facade is nearly finished. The new wing will hold new technology and art classes, as well as a new dance studio. “It’s really exciting,” Dr. Jones said. “Let me tell you, it was fun to come to work every single day and see something new. It felt like the building was growing because it started off as just a little frame and then each day you come in and the bricks get taller and taller.”

Dr. Jones has also said that the front entrance will be completed and reopened by the end of January at the latest. Then, B-CC will be able to reopen the gym as well, possibly allowing us to play home basketball games at B-CC. While construction is not taking place in the gym, the Fire Marshall stated that no more than 125 people can be in the gym at once as, in case of an emergency, the main entrance is an unusable entrance.

By next school year, the new wing to B-CC and the parking lot should be completed. Tennis courts will be on top of the new parking lot and more offices for an increased school faculty will also be finished for next year. While this is great, B-CC’s football field will not be finished for next year, but rather the 2019-2020 school year.

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