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Trump’s America

by Meena Kannan

The constant animosity, the extreme polarization, hatred that spreads like wildfire; when did America become like this? When did respect and civility get thrown out the window in order for bigotry and nastiness? When did America become so much of a laughing stock that other countries tune in to our presidential debates as entertainment? The easy answer to all those questions is Trump. Trump caused the divide that plagues America today, but is that really true?

The certain atmosphere Donald Trump has created existed long before he ran, and will remain long after November 9th. It as an atmosphere rooted in the feelings of disenfranchised Americans, feeling betrayed by the America they once loved being traded in for a more global nation. This 40% of America has had the opinions Donald Trump has had for a WHILE, but now, a powerful person in a powerful position is able to project their voice and their frustrations. These Americans are able to finally have their voice heard.

This election cycle, the silent majority (what Trump supporters call themselves) have been able to shout and scream some of the most ridiculous things due to the rise of Donald Trump, but what does Trumps vision of racism, sexism, and xenophobia mean for the rest of us?

In Trumps America, this type of attitude and dialogue we see today would be the norm. Traditional values would take a backseat to staunch and “out there” kinds of positions. In Trumps America, the ability to love, live, and let live will be gone.

Just the sheer fact that Mr. Trump is running his entire campaign on the works of fearmongering and aggression should be a red flag. The negative energy his campaign spews is toxic to the united sense of community that America should be about.

Mr. Trump’s whole platform is hell-bent on the idea of “Making America Great Again” but if he were to win, what would that Great America be? Would it be the America that unjustly treated citizens based on their sexual orientation, religion, or race? Would it be the America that started pointless and endless wars? America is already great! And with any great thing, there is always room for improvement. The blueprint that Donald Trump is emphasizing is not a message of positivity and growth in the future, it is a message of the worst things of our past.

Democrats and Republicans alike are calling this election cycle historic not only for the reason that we have the first female major party nominee, but because of how imperative it is to vote. Come November 9th, I hope for the sake of myself and millions others not part of The Silent Majority that America does not turn into Trump’s America.