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We’re in Need of More Than Just a Facelift (a staff editorial)

B-CC has the smallest high school campus in MCPS. It just got smaller.

For those who didn’t drive by the school this summer, coming back was likely a sorry shock. Seeing a wall torn out next to the front entrance, dust and dirt, and ugly fencing made the annual return to school a little gloomy this time round.

Yet, elbow room in the hallways is not the only thing lacking around here.

School spirit is in short supply. We knew last year we would have no home-field games this year and next. We get that. But no welcome celebration? No first-game pep rally? One spirit bus? Maybe for the first game only? Announced the day before? Really?

Construction happens. We get it. It sucks for those who have to go through it and will never reap its rewards. We also get the fact that we sound like a pack of spoiled Bethesda teens.

But, we as a school cannot solve our problems by hoping they go away and the administration cannot solve our problems by talking only to our parents like we cannot hear or understand what’s going on.
So now, what do we do?

For our part, we must try harder this year to be better Barons. Show up to events. Show up sober. Show up ready to cheer.

The administration, in turn, has to work on its trust issues. We need fewer lectures and reading from the handbook. Instead, we need plans for constructive opportunities to be heard- town halls, student-led assemblies, yes, even pep rallies.
You might be surprised how many of us students had Dr. Jones’ back after Superintendent Bowers’ reversal. You might be surprised how many of us students wanted to do something about the out-of-control drinking at school events.

Students complaining is so 2015-2016. That said, “settling-in” excuses will no longer do for this administration.

Trust us. We don’t want these years to be lost; these are the only high school years we will ever have.
Trust us. We can handle it. After all, we just turned 90.