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Why Democrats Always Lose

By Nima Cheraghi

Most people are unaware that on November 3rd  many states had a few off-season elections. Houston voted against a bill that would have protected LGBT people from discrimination, Ohio Voted no to Issue 3 that would have legalized marijuana, but the biggest upset had to be Republican and political outsider Matt Bevin winning the governor’s seat in the state of Kentucky. Contrary to all polls that predicted Democratic hopeful Jack Conway winning, Bevin won with a staggering 52.5 percent of the vote. All of those elections have one thing in common: the liberals lost.

It’s not just in these elections that the liberals, specifically the Democrats, got their asses handed to them on a silver platter.  It’s an event that is happening all over the country and it’s been happening for a while. On October 2014, after the midterm elections, Vox reported that the GOP controls a distressing 70% of state legislatures, with over 60% of all governors, and 55% of attorneys general and secretaries of state. Republicans also have full unified control over 25 states. 50% of the country is ruled solely by a party that does not believe in climate change and question if evolution should be taught in science class. Compare that to the Democrats who have unified control over a measly 7 states. To put all of that into a few short words, Republicans are slowly killing off the Democratic party.

How is it that a party so reckless like The GOP can absolutely destroy Democrats in elections? It’s not necessarily because they receive more money from special interests and are more willing to bow down to their billionaire masters for money. It’s not even fully because of the dirty gerrymandering the Republicans love to do. And it certainly is not because Conservatives have better policy ideas or that they are more substantive. The problem lies within how pathetically the Democratic Party campaigns and how the DNC is organized. The primary problem is that most Democrats these days fall under the Hillary Clinton variety, which is to say not liberal at all, but rather center right. It’s no wonder why Democrats lose. They act like conservatives. If people want a conservative then they’ll vote for a conservative, not a pseudo-conservative candidate that identifies as liberal. Despite the fact that liberalism wins, Democrats keep doing their political dance even though it does not work.

Alan Grayson, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren. All of them are left leaning candidates, and they win with high margins in their elections because they are true liberals. Now compare that to Alison Grimes who lost to Mitch McConnell – the turtle man – In the 2014 midterm elections because she ran on an anti-Obama, right populism redirect. If more candidates were willing to be more liberal and not act like Republicans then, despite it being an upward battle against the GOP, liberals could win. But they don’t. Democrats act like Republicans in the hope of winning, but all they get is a strong record of losing

That’s half of the problem. The other half is how useless liberal voters are. Liberals simply don’t vote, and it’s not entirely their fault. A lot of people can’t afford to vote, and so-called “voter registration laws” have been making it harder to vote thanks to the GOP. But even then, most Democrats don’t understand how important state and local governments are. Libs only find the importance of voting when the presidential elections come around. In reality, state elections are the most important ones; the state level is where most laws are passed. Combine the pathetic Democrats with the low voter turnout among liberals, and it results in a less perfect union. Simply because Democrats just aren’t very smart anymore.

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