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Take A Bite out of Bethesda’s New Restaurants

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By Tory Silver, Natalia Mobille, and Abby Bollman

Bethesda is a hot spot for delicious food, and there are always new restaurants cropping up. Here are some of our favorites.


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By Abby Bollman

Tired of the same old Bethesda restaurants? You’re in luck! One of downtown Bethesda’s newest additions, opened in mid September, has mouth watering sushi that will have you hooked after just one bite! Unlike the usual sushi restaurants with the ocean liner theme, PassionFish has a modern, and elegant new theme. The jaw dropping wrap around bar with cozy yet fancy leather bar seats, and an outdoor patio if it’s nice out, puts the decor of the restaurant over the top phenominal. The menu has all the classics, consisting of your favorite sushi dish, but also offers several original pieces that are to die for. PassionFish is perfect for a casual, fun, and easy night out, located in the heart of Bethesda on Woodmont Avenue. It’s close by, about a 15 minute walk from B-CC, and from my experience there the service is good. The waiter came to my table numerous times to check on our meals, and refill our drinks. Although because it is fairly new and not so big in size, you may have to wait a couple minutes for a table. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it! Sophomore Tory Silver says, “My family and I always go on Friday nights after a long week of school. Coming from a large family it is hard to find a restaurant that not only can seat everyone, but pleases everyone’s tastebuds. PassionFish gets a yes all around from the Silver clan, my go to is the California roll, it’s to die for!” PassionFish is a fun, modern, and easy to get to place, I recommend everyone to try it for a night out.



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By Tory Silver

Silver, a nicer, more upscale version of the Silver Diner located in Rockville, opened up a few weeks ago. The menu is very similar to the Diner’s and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They still their signature milkshakes, eggs, and pancakes, but it is just more expensive. Unlike most other restaurants in Bethesda, it closes late, at midnight. The service is very friendly and personable. When I went there the other day, my friend and I sat outside and a bee started swarming our table. The staff was very nice and offered to relocate us and then swatted the bee away. Sophomores Audrey Zantzinger and Abby Bollman went there the other day, and said “the food was decent, but not for its price. Bollman “liked [her] sandwich but would have liked it more if it wasn’t drenched in pesto. [Her] tomato soup was also bad. [She] really enjoyed sitting outside under the patio though. The chairs were comfy and the weather was perfect.” The day that the pair went to Silver, the restaurant was giving out free dessert coupons. Zantzinger and Bollman said they would go back, but it will never be their top choice.



Photo taken by Audrey Zantzinger

By Natalia Mobille

Have you heard of the new restaurant on Bethesda Row? The one with the fancy pastries and mouth watering sandwiches? Well that’s Paul, the new  French chain of bakery and café restaurants. It specializes in serving French products including breads, crêpes, sandwiches, macaroons, soups, pastries, coffee, and wine. The restaurant is very popular for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The only downside for some people coming with many people is that they don’t take reservations, but that isn’t necessary if you try and avoid the crowded hours. Paul also caters their food and dessert, which is good for large home events. The restaurant accepts credit and cash, which is a benefit for the young teens who wonder Bethesda with cash. From my experience there, the service is very good. My waiter checked on my table constantly to ask us if the food was good and if we needed anything else. My favorite meal there is Sandwich Pavot Poulet. It has grilled chicken breast, light mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, lettuce, tomatoes on their amazing Poppy Seed baguette. It was delicious, but it was was expensive. If I knew I was going to have to spend $15 just on a sandwich for lunch, I wouldn’t have gone. The desserts are even more ridiculously priced. Sophomore Annie Namata from BCC said, “I ordered a chocolate cake there and I ended up having to pay $6 dollars for it. My lunch was way more expensive than I thought it would be.” So besides the overpriced food, is it worth it? Another BCC sophomore, Audrey Zantzinger says, “I go there all the time and order the chicken sandwiches and it is totally worth paying those prices!”