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Super Sized Sushi at Buredo

Photo taken by Margot Antonelli

By Tory Silver

Love sushi but hate how small it is? Me too. That’s why I’m obsessed with D.C.’s new restaurant Buredo that opened earlier this summer.

The sushi burrito trend has taken over cities on the west coast, and it finally hit D.C. Buredo, owned by two D.C. natives, has all of your favorite types of sushi packed into a seaweed burrito. Not only is everything on the menu delicious and colorful, but it is also really healthy. They have fresh vegetables and fish on the menu everyday. Buredos range from $8.85 to $11.75. They also serve snacks like rice chips and wasabi peas and unique beverages like basil lemonade and iced green tea.

Sophomores Lily Grainger and Margot Antonelli went to D.C. a few weeks ago just to go to Buredo. Antonelli ordered the Sofie Roll which has shrimp tempura, avocado, pickled cabbage, carrots, toasted sesame seeds, red tobiko, and sriracha mayo. She “loves this place!! You can’t go wrong with burrito sized sushi rolls! Everything is super fresh, super tasty, very swag, and made right in front of you.” Grainger “can’t wait to go back again! [She] wants to try the whole menu.”

I’m not the only one who noticed how great Buredo is. It’s taken D.C. by storm, so try to avoid going there around lunch time to miss the really long lines.