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Top 10 Dessert Places in Downtown Bethesda

By Tory Silver

Downtown Bethesda is a hot spot for delicious desserts. These 10 are the best of the best.


  1. Yogi Berry
Photos From Yogi_Berry||Instagram

Yogi Berry is the perfect place to grab a quick dessert or snack. Between their rotating assortment of flavors and toppings, they are the best dessert place in all of Bethesda.


2. Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Photo taken by Melanie Kaufman

One of the newer restaurants in Bethesda, Max Brenner’s is a great place to go when you are craving something sweet. Everything on their menu has some type of chocolate in it. You can even take a shot of chocolate!


3. Georgetown Cupcake

Photo taken by Annie Namata

Georgetown Cupcakes did not get its own TV show for no reason. The cupcakes are delicious, and the icing is to die for. The store also gives out 100 free cupcakes a day!


4. Haagen Daaz

Photo taken by Melanie Kaufman

Although costly, Haagan Daz is the place to go when you want some ice cream. There are over 30 flavors you can choose from!


5. Paul

Photo taken by Annie Namata

Paul, located in the new retail/residential buildings in Downtown Bethesda, is the new cool place to go for a quick bite to eat. Not only do they serve phenomenal desserts, but they also have a really good lunch menu. The only problem is that the service isn’t that great.


6. Le Pain Quotidien

Photo taken by Annie Namata

Le Pain Quotidien has amazing pastries. Their hazelnut spread is better than Nutella.


7. La Madeleine

Photo taken from LaMadeleinCafe||Instagram

Although Madeline’s is a little walk away from what is considered Downtown Bethesda, it is worth the walk. It has the best fruit tarts and French onion soup. It is expensive though.


8. Sweetgreen

Photo taken from ISpyFitness||Instagram

Most people don’t think of going to Sweet Green when they want dessert, but they should. Sweet Flow is amazing. It is a bit tart though, and they only have a limited flavor of toppings.


9. Toute de Sweet Pastry Shop

Photo taken from NMCPhotos||Instagram

The food here is even tastier than it looks. The cupcakes and macaroons are almost too pretty to eat. The coffee is really good too.


10. Dolcezza Gelato

Photo taken from DolcezzaGelato||Instagram

Dolcezza Gelato serves really good gelato. The only problem is the price. Most high schooler’s can’t afford to pay over $5 for the small size every time they want dessert.


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