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Pines of Rome Restaurant Review

By Melanie Kaufman

For all of you people out there who have never been to Italy, and crave the taste of a good Italian meal, Pines of Rome is the place to go. Pines of Rome is a classy medium-sized restaurant located in downtown Bethesda. There is one thing; if you are someone who likes to eat a peaceful and quiet dinner, this might not be the place for you. In the evenings, Pines of Rome is absolutely swamped, but this does not interfere with their exquisite service. The frantic waiters and loud cheerful noises you hear all around make you feel as though you were dining in the middle of Rome. The minute you arrive, you are immediately seated and assisted, of course with a reservation already made. If you did not make one, it may take a little while longer, but it is most definitely worth the wait.

The food from Pines of Rome is exactly what your taste buds have been dreaming of. The menu varies from salads to pasta, soups to pizza. Not to mention, the superb dessert menu that has everything from delicate pastries to homemade gelato. Price is definitely not an issue in this scenario it is very affordable considering that it is a sit-down restaurant. The second a meal from Pines of Rome enters your mouth; you will love every bite of it and devour it to the very last crumb on the plate. After that experience, you will not want to go anywhere else for dinner ever again. Every dish on the menu is spectacular, but my personal favorite is the cheese pizza. This pizza is not like any other pizza you have had before. Now, you are probably thinking that all pizza is made the same way with ordinary cheese, tomatoes, crust, toppings, etc. Yet, the pizza from here is served to you piping hot straight from the oven, and leaves you at the edge of your seat. The restaurant’s chef came straight from Italy and has been using the same his ancestors pizza recipe for years now. It is made with top-notch ingredients including, fresh, juicy, thoroughly cooked tomatoes, and the finest crust you will ever see.

If you ever need assistance while dining at this restaurant, the waiters come to your service immediately. Pines of Rome is filled with historical paintings and vibrant wallpaper, which gives off a sort of vintage style. The color scheme of the entire place makes you feel welcome and at home. And better yet, the intricate décor makes you feel as if you were dining at an adorable restaurant right in Italy. Overall, Pines of Rome will leave you beyond satisfied and will definitely make you and your family a returning customer. Pizza is one of the most loved foods around the world, and when you make a cute restaurant out of it, and keep your customers eager to come back, it just makes it a whole lot better.

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