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Out with the Old, in with the… Shoe?

By Olivia Siegal

New year means new trends; new clothing, celebrities, music, movies, restaurants, you name it, are now considered “in” as we get deeper into the year of 2015. As seen last year, “hipster” was the latest obsession, and showed us that history can repeat itself. Everything 80s, high wasted and cropped; from jeans to shorts to skirts to tank tops and more. Some would call it a blast from the past. 2015 has lots in store, one of which being an old classic, hightop Converse.

One of the most popular trends among teenage girls in 2014 was the classic white Converse. This is not only a trend in Bethesda, but in all of Montgomery County and even throughout the country. Why are they so popular you might ask? Classified as a sneaker, Converse can be worn on any occasion, formal or informal, and provide a reasonable amount of comfort allowing people to walk long distances. A stylish addition to any outfit.

Last year was the year of low top Converse, but this year high tops are making their way back into style. As more of a bold fashion statement, less people are seen with high tops, but this will quickly change. When asked her opinion about the new fashion, high tops, B-CC student Annika Farkas said, “ High tops are great because they are more versatile You can wear them with a cute pair of socks instead of boring ankle socks and the shoe covers your ankle to keep you warmer, more suitable for the colder months.”

The year is still young and this trend is still developing, but high tops are one of the newest fashions of 2015. It will be exciting to see what is in store for the next 11 months to come. If you are ever looking for a versatile shoe with some style, Converse are for you, high top or ankle, your choice. Remember, classics are always in style! Happy shopping!

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