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Nifty New Ninth Graders Capable of Replacing Graduated Seniors on Varsity Girl’s Soccer

Becca Long

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Nifty New Ninth Graders Capable of Replacing Graduated Seniors on Varsity Girl’s Soccer

For the past four years B-CC’s varsity girls’ soccer has not only worked their way to the state championship but they have won four consecutive state titles.  This year the team is facing new challenges without graduated key players such as Kara Klontz and Hannah Levin. And some people are questioning whether or not the team is strong enough to win their fifth state title.

Four of the new freshman Jenna Troccoli, Mackenzie Dallaire  (Mack), Naomi Gross and Pawlla Germino-Watnick are the talk of the team. Dazzling the upperclassmen with their pure skill and talent gives the team hope that these four girls have the potential to fill the gap that the graduated seniors had left. And hopefully lead them team to another state championship.

“We have great chemistry on and off the field”, said Maia Emden a sophomore playing her second year on varsity “And the freshman fit right it”.

The whole team enjoys their daily practices and loves spending time together, and the freshman immediately were able to become close and comfortable with all the older girls, “from the beginning the whole team was extremely welcoming, we couldn’t ask for better players or people” said Jenna and Mack.

Jenna, Naomi and Pawlla are all on the same club team, The MSC Coyotes. The Coyotes won the National Championship and they’re currently known as the best team in country for the age group.

Having three of the best freshman soccer players in the nation is turning out to be a huge benefit for the varsity team and they have already contributed so much.  The girls displayed their talent especially in the first season game with a win against the brilliant Blair Blazers, and a triumphant goal by freshman Pawlla Germino-Watnick.

The coach, Rob Kurtz feels that the girls are in tip-top shape to take on an undefeated season and earn the state title for a consecutive fifth time. Considering they have been training since the second week of August and been participating in numerous tournaments in order to be prepared for the season and playoffs.

“Even without the graduated seniors, we [the team] feel very confident about the team this season and we all believe with have the potential to go to states again this year” said Maia “the freshman have proven that the team will do very well if not better without the alumni”


Jenna, Naomi, Pawlla and Mack all photographed on the far right side

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