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New B-CC Spirit Ideas to Replace Color Day

By Marie Houde Hostland

After the dangerous behavior exhibited on Color Day last year, Mrs. Lockard banned this long-time school tradition. Now B-CC students and administration are working together to brainstorm new spirit ideas and traditions to replace it.

During the first week of school, the administration held assemblies for each grade, in which it justified the ban of Color Day and reassured students of plans to keep up Barons’ spirit by working with students to think of new spirit activities encouraging school unity instead of class rivalry.

Color Day has been a long-time tradition at B-CC, but after two freshmen were injured last year, Principal Lockard concluded that the tradition had gone too far. At the freshmen assembly, she said, “I said I was banning Color Day, and now I have to enforce it.” Although it was clear that most of the sophomores had fun during last year’s color day, the event had turned dangerous and chaotic.

Many students are disappointed in Mrs. Lockard’s decision. “It was the best day of the year!” said sophomore Maia Emden. To many students, Color Day was a rite of passage: every freshman was “tagged” or painted on, but felt officially part of B-CC when they were the ones tagging the new freshmen the next year.

Mrs. Lockard expressed in her speech that she understood that students were angry over her decision, but reminded students that now they are given to chance to start a whole new B-CC tradition.

Now, administration and students are working together to come up with new spirit ideas. The goal is to have fun, but in a safe manner. Instead of activities that divide the school by class, the SGA is brainstorming activities that will unify the school.

Claire Hagerty, president of the Class of 2015, said “we have thought of p-j day, twin day, blackout, sport day, superhero day, and – our favorite – alter-ego day. I want to keep up the school spirit.” Becca Long, a sophomore, said, “We should have a rally every home game. Get the school riled up.”

Julia Matteson likes the idea of competition, but thinks that there is a safe way to do it. She said, “we can play blue vs. gold so it is not divided by grade. It’s a good mix of competition, unity, and fun.”

It is clear that students are upset over the ban of color day, but students are excited to show their school spirit nevertheless. Julia Matteson said, “It will be hard to top color day, but we love our school, and we’re willing to prove it in any way we can.”

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