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Students Stunned Over Senior Meeting

On Tuesday August 28th, Mrs. Lockard held the annual senior meeting, but what she had to say and show was a shock to many.

 She introduced the meeting by showing a video based off of the short story, “The Lottery,” which builds up suspense until the end when a woman is stoned.

 The video began with people of a town getting ready for an event, which seemed like a casual event. When the event takes place, each person has to pick a slip of paper from a box, and the person who has the ticket is stoned to death by the residents of the town.

 After the video, many sat in the auditorium, stunned, not quite sure of how to react. Lockard then went on to discuss the significance of the video, telling the seniors that traditions shouldn’t always be followed, implying that students in the past have mindlessly followed the hazing on color day.

 “’The Lottery’ is an extreme example about a tradition that people follow that becomes very harmful, but nobody questions it, they just do it because it’s always been done…The idea was to approach the seniors on an intellectual level and say that traditions change and you can make new traditions,” said Mrs. Lockard.

 “I believe that her intentions were not to compare us to murderers, but as demonstrated strongly by that video that’s what seems to have happened. The video shown to us depicted sheer violence and gave off the impression that we were viewed in that same light,” said senior Sophia Martin.

 Color day is now considered one of the detrimental traditions at B-CC as demonstrated by the separation of grades and harmful treatment towards freshman. Spirit week is valued by seniors because they get recognized by the whole school throughout the week, especially on color day.

 “I think it’s inevitable that there will always be problems on color day that are inappropriate, but truthfully that’s impossible to prevent because people are going to act how they want. I think the cancellation of color day would do more harm than good because being knowledgeable about last year’s events sets us up for making more conscious decisions this year,” said Martin.

 Color day was meant to be fun and contribute to the overall goal of uniting the school, but last year’s color day caused problems for the administration and created controversy within the B-CC community.

 “It was about elitism, it was about class segregation, not unity. So many other schools have school spirit for the whole school, we don’t have that. We have it for our class and we need to come together,” said Lockard.

 Mainly all of the seniors knew that color day was a disaster last year and figured that it would definitely be canceled, but what the students don’t know is what will happen to spirit week. Throughout the meeting, Lockard never really announced whether or not there would be a spirit week or an alternative for the infamous color day. Going into the meeting, it was expected that plans for this year were to be revealed. So, now the seniors are wondering what to expect from the traditions in their final year of high school.

 “There will be a spirit week. I’ve put it up to the class officers and the SGA to come up with plans- we’ll have the spirit days and a pep rally, we’re just not going to target the freshmen,” said Lockard.

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