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“Learning Cottages” Take Over Tennis Court

The B-CC girls’ tennis team was preparing for the start of its 2012 preseason and looking forward to returning to its six beautiful home courts. Little did they know, this season they would only have five tennis courts. Two flesh colored portables take the place of the sixth court.

With the class of 2012 strolling out and the class of 2016 rolling in, B-CC’s population has grown from 1,836 students to 1,875 students and counting. At this rate, B-CC, which was renovated ten years ago to fit 1,600 students, will have 2,205 students by 2017.

The amount of classroom space is decreasing and the hallways are becoming more crowded. With big school renovations still four years away, portables are used to diffuse the swarming hallways and congested classrooms.

Many B-CC students are concerned with the image of the portables, but Junior Elizabeth Makuch was pleasantly surprised. “They look much better than I expected,” she said. Senior Marissa Sawicki has a slightly different take on the portables. She goes from the fourth floor to a portable, and then back up to the third floor. “I barely make the late bell!” Marissa said.

On the other hand, the two staff members in the portables, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Boswell enjoy their little community outside. “I have total control over my AC system and can play my films as loud as I want, without disturbing other classrooms,” said Mr. Boswell.

Each portable takes up one half of a tennis court and can fit around thirty-three desks comfortably. They each have three small windows and no Promethean Board, which the indoor classrooms benefit from.

The new portables are necessary to accommodate the growing number of students, but they only frustrate the tennis team. “It I definitely cramped”, says senior Hannah O’Malley, “we used to have six full courts, now we only have five. Technically you are supposed to have seven for a match.” O’Malley explained that having one less court is affecting their home matches because they have to wait for the courts to be free. Because of this, the length of each match is greatly extended.

B-CC’s two new portables (or as MCPS like to say, “learning cottages”) have helped the overflow significantly and Mrs. Lockard hopes to have two more portables by the start of next school year. “We will probably have two new portables on the adjacent tennis court next year,” Mrs. Lockard said. There is no other place to put them that doesn’t take away from the limited student-staff parking and the emergency entry and exits.

With the tennis team furious, the teachers pleased and Mrs. Lockard left with no other option, it looks like the only solution will come in four long years, when the school’s renovations will finally begin.


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