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Barons Go For Number Five

For the past four years, everyone has asked the same question: will the B-CC girls’ varsity soccer team be able to pull it off again? This year, that question remains the same. Will the team be able to win a fifth consecutive state championship? A feat that no other team in Montgomery County has yet to achieve? We will find out this November.

The new players, especially the freshmen, have stepped up to fill a gap left by last year’s seniors. In last Tuesday night’s game against Blair, the Barons started off their season strong with a 2-0 win. Goals by  senior Caroline Khanna and junior C.C. Rozen proved that, although the team may have lost one of its top scorers from last year, the scoring will come from a wide range of players this coming season.

In contrast to three years ago, when only one freshman -Eliza Doll-  made the team, for the past two years, at least four freshmen have made the team and have made significant contributions to the team’s success. One area where the depth of the talent pool is particularly evident is the starting defensive line, which this year is comprised mostly of sophomores, anchored by one senior, Zoe Mesirow.

This year, unlike in past years, the team has a very large talent pool. With a roster of 23 players, the team is also smaller than last year and in years before. Coach Rob Kurtz said, “We have never had, in my years, 20 girls that really can step in and play.”

Because public schools can’t recruit, it’s just luck who ends up at each school. The advantage that the Barons have over the other teams in the county is the emphasis on improvement, teamwork, and, most importantly, the desire to win.

Although luck is part of the equation, one thing that B-CC does differently than other high schools is attention to development at the middle school level. Coach Kurtz, unlike many other high school coaches, coaches the Westland Middle School team. This enables him to start developing players earlier and have them adjust to the style of play that is expected at B-CC.

Freshman Mackenzie Dallaire said, “we are really technical and we have a lot of good chemistry off the field as well.” Another freshman, Jenna Troccoli agreed, saying “all the older girls are really welcoming, especially the seniors.” In addition to Jenna and Mackenzie, three other freshmen -Paula Germino-Watnick, Naomi Gross and and Tirhas Dempsey- made the varsity team.

This year, every class will play a crucial role in the success of the team as a whole. From the freshmen to the seniors, every player will be able to have a positive impact on the 2012 team.

Kurtz said, “this year’s team is a little bit different, but I think the passion for B-CC, wanting to be a successful program and do the right things, never changes and reaching our goals of winning a regional championship, winning a division championship and winning a state championship.”


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