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The Tattler


How Black Lives Matter Changed the MCPD

Against the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter movement, the divide between police officers and the black community has never been more apparent. As people of color protest racial profiling and police brutality, applications to become a police officer are on the decline. In interviews with the Tattler, black male students reflect on their experiences with the Montgomery County Police. And one anonymous police officer defends the integrity of his job.

BCC vs WJ – Basketball Playoff Preview

Coach Tracy and the Barons face their hardest task of the season tonight: taking down the #1 seed Walter Johnson Wildcats on their home court.…

AirPods Take Over

    You walk into school and are instantly hit with the overwhelming amount of people wearing AirPods. Every turn you take, you run into…

An End to Eternity

Christmas Eve, Washington D.C. Raw, wet wind sweeps across the silent city, creating a sense of imminent snow that for those sitting in front of…

What Does Government Shutdown Mean?

  National Parks and museums are closed, and 800,000 federal workers remain out of work or working without pay. After two weeks of a Government…

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