By: Jonah Pachman

Well, Tom Brady has done it again, and this time at an age unthinkable to most players. At the age of 43, Brady led his team to victory last night, giving Tampa only their second ever super bowl. Everyone on the field for the Bucs performed exceptionally well, there were little flaws. The defense shut down Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, and they left them wondering how things slipped away. The final score of the game was 31-9, and a shocking zero points were scored in the fourth quarter. This came to the demise of football fans around the country. The super bowl is supposed to be an exciting event, and the Bucs simply ran away with it. There were little competition and minimal success from the Chiefs’ offense. Throughout the game, fans were patiently waiting for a Chiefs breakout, but the Tampa defense just would not let go. The defensive line, including players such as Vita Vea and Ndamukong Suh, took charge. They destroyed the Kansas City offensive line, and as a result, they demolished Patrick Mahomes. 


Seven super bowls, seven. This is a feat that we may never see again. Some people are speculating that Mahomes could be the next, but what Brady has done is nearly untouchable. In the NBA, there has been an ongoing argument about whether Michael Jordan or Lebron James is the greatest of all time. However, in the NFL it is a completely different story. Yes, there could be an argument made that Joe Montana or even Peyton Manning should be considered for greatness, but in the end, there is one clear answer. Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, and an argument against that is at this point impractical. People have their opinions, but seven super bowls certainly solidify his dominance. Not only has Tom Brady won more super bowls than anyone else in NFL history, but he has also won more than any other NFL team. Remember, NFL organizations have been around for decades, and Brady has been around for 21 years. 


After the game last night, Brady made sure to say that he will be back next year. This is no shock to anyone, as Brady made no indication before the Super Bowl of retirement, so his decision to stay makes sense. However, going into his age 44 season, does the question arise? Could the 2021-2022 season finally be his last? If Brady does decide to go after next year, the Buccaneers still have a bright future. With star receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin staying on contract, they will be able to maintain one of the best-receiving lineups in the league. As seen last night, their defense is also emerging, to say the least, and they will most definitely be back next year better and stronger. 


This loss is going to hurt the Chiefs, it will sting for a month or two. However, everyone who follows football knows who Patrick Mahomes is and how he competes. If you think that Patrick Mahomes will take a hit from this loss, you are most certainly wrong. If anything, this man will come out stronger than before, and he will have his eyes set on Super Bowl 56 in Los Angeles.