By: Myles Sampson

Yesterday, the MCPS board had a meeting and MCPS athletics has officially announced their plan to return to in-person activities. There is still a lot to discuss with the Board of Education and health officials but if it is approved in February, school sports would return. All students are allowed to play sports regardless of their academic eligibility and they can participate in the live or virtual season. 

You still have to complete the same requirements as always like the MCPS Physical form, but this year you have to complete a couple more steps like filling out MCPS Athletics Registration. A Covid-19 Pledge Statement and Covid-19 Liability Waiver.

The actual registration will begin on January 29th and the Fall season will begin on February 13th, but MCPS will “enter in a phase of educating stakeholders, as we prepare for potential in-person operations.” Per the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association calendar, the start date for the MCPS fall season is February 27, 2021.

In-person programming will be optional for coaches and student-athletes. As a result, program offerings will be school and team-specific, depending on the selection of coaches and the interest of student-athletes. Program operations will be confirmed in the coming weeks, as schools finalize their options and registrations are received from student-athletes. All in-person programming and activities would only be conducted in alignment with guidelines and protocols designated by the COVID-19 Task Force for MCPS Athletics. In-person activities are optional for coaches too so if they do decline the in-person option the school will offer virtual activities for students during the season. Students who register for a sport that is not being offered in-person will be contacted by February 23, 2021. For a coaching staff that has more than one coach, B-CC may offer both in-person and virtual activities, if all of the coaches do not opt to participate in-person. Although there are still a couple more hoops to jump through, it seems school sports may finally begin once again.