B-CC teachers were asked to choose their preference between the following two models for reopening the building for instruction:

A – Support to Virtual – Students are in building, engaged in virtual learning, with staff supervision. **The current guidance from central office is that many secondary schools are focused on this model.


B – Simultaneous – Students are in building. Teacher and another staff member support virtual and in person learning at the same time.

Why B-CC Needs to Choose Option #1: Spring semester 2020, I would’ve killed for a quiet space to attend classes from. And I didn’t have it quite as bad as others: connection problems, distractions, and responsibilities at home have made online school a lot harder for some students.

For students who can’t work at home, having the school open would be a great resource. A stable learning environment should be available for anyone who needs it. But students attending in person for these reasons shouldn’t have to worry about endangering their lives or the lives of their family members. 

When most kids at B-CC hear about option #1, having zoom in a classroom with supervision, they call it “pointless.” Why would we go to school to do the same thing we do from home? My answer: We shouldn’t. If you can do school from home, you should. Option #1 encourages students to stay home if they are able; no one is missing out by prioritizing their health. And for students who want to utilize the learning space, keeping in-person attendance at a minimum also protects their health.

Normal school is not an option right now. It’s disappointing, but we must accept it. Option #2 will attract more people, making attending school in person more dangerous for all. We should not discourage students who need the school workspace from taking advantage of an educational opportunity because the building is full of kids who are there to socialize. 

B-CC needs to choose the option that prioritizes health, safety, and a stable learning environment for all students.