By: Jonah Pachman

Most fans knew that the game was over right around halftime. Even the Alabama players were starting to get excited before the fourth quarter even began. Ohio State had absolutely no answers to Alabama’s penetrating offense, and they are still left wondering what they could have done differently. As per usual, Heisman trophy winning receiver Devonta Smith had a multi-touchdown 100+ yard game. However, not only did he obtain these incredible numbers, but he did so before the first half ended. He broke the records for the total number of receptions in a national championship game with twelve, and the number of receiving touchdowns. He could not have done all of this without his star quarterback Mac Jones, who also had a career night himself. Jones threw for 464 yards and five touchdowns, most of which was thrown to Smith. The dynamic duo bulldozed through the Ohio State defense, and they never took their foot off the gas. 

In the first half, Alabama running back Najee Harris did what he does best, scoring touchdowns. Harris jumped out of the gate with two touchdowns, and no one could put him down. Harris is known for being extremely physical out of the backfield, and all year college defensive backs and lineman had no answers. He would end up finishing the night with 3 total touchdowns and 158 total yards. Looking into the future, Harris is projected to be the second running back taken in the draft, following closely Travis Etienne out of Clemson. 

The second half was essentially garbage time for both teams, as any run that Ohio State tried to put together was immediately countered by the Alabama offense. Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields who is normally lights out could not get it going against the Alabama defense. He was looking very strong out of the gate, as the first quarter ended in a tie. However, Mac Jones was the quarterback that prevailed in Monday’s match, and he most certainly gained an immense amount of respect for himself. This game does not take away from Fields’s talent. As a projected top 10 pick in the upcoming draft, Fields is none other than elite, maintaining an incredible amount of potential capable of attracting any NFL scout. It will be intriguing to see how he fares in the league, potentially being able to throw to spectacular receivers such as Julio Jones or DJ Moore. However, for him, it is time to get over the loss and look ahead to the combine coming up in a few months. 

All in all, Alabama proved itself as a dynasty unlike any other. Six championship wins since 2009 speaks volumes, and the SEC powerhouse has dominated the country. Coach Nick Saban earned his seventh national championship victory on Monday night, and he has cemented himself as one of if not the best coach in college football history. Will Alabama ever slow down, or will they keep fighting until Nick Saban simply cannot stand on the field any longer? Time will tell, but for now, all we know is that Alabama is a force to be reckoned with. Their comradery and their passion are admirable, their future is something to look forward to for sure.