By: Eric Brilliant

With championship week looming, fans across the country are wondering how their team can make a New Year’s Six bowl and more importantly the college football playoffs. Many teams during championship week are looking to bolster their resume while also needing several teams to lose. Few teams control their destiny such as Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, and Ohio State, however, teams like Iowa State, Texas A&M, Cincinnati, and Florida have very crucial games this week. 

Starting with the teams that control their destiny, Alabama is all but guaranteed to make the playoffs for the first time in two years after the Tide had a disappointing 2019 campaign. Alabama will face another playoff contender in Florida. While Florida looked to be in a good spot to make the playoffs if they were to beat Alabama; however, Florida lost to a 3-5 LSU at the time, which seemed to put a halt in Florida´s championship hopes. Florida will need several teams to lose including Clemson who faces number two Notre Dame. Clemson and Notre Dame have already played this year with Notre Dame winning in overtime. Clemson needs to win this game to keep their chances alive while Notre Dame still would likely be in even if they lose in a close one.

Many teams are looking for that number four spot; however, Ohio State looks to hold down that spot as they will face Northwestern in the Big Ten championship. It´s less complicated for Ohio State, a win and they are in but a loss and they are out. Finally, Iowa State, Cincinnati, and Texas A&M look to sneak into the playoffs. Cincinnati has the least likely chance of getting in as they would need to handle number 24 Tusla in the American Conference championship and then need a miracle. However, Iowa State has a more likely chance as they face Oklahoma, and beating them and having Clemson and Ohio State lose would seemingly vault them into the playoff conversation. Although A&M doesn´t play in a championship game this week they will still face LSU. They will need to beat LSU and have Ohio State and Iowa State lose if they want any chance in the playoffs. 

A packed college football slate this weekend should provide more clarity on who deserves to be in that top four. Games should wrap up this weekend, giving the college football playoff committee to decide who will make it. The official college football playoff poll should be released on Tuesday night in which will decide the fate of many of these top-ranked programs.