As all online students know, the virtual school schedule is quite different from the in-school schedule that students have had their entire academic career. However, the new schedule is favorable in many ways. It has a max of four classes a day, an hour and fifteen minute lunch break, and, of course, check-in Wednesdays. 

Currently, the school week begins with four classes on Monday and three classes on Tuesday. Once these two days are completed, students are given Wednesdays to catch up on any work and check-in with teachers over Zoom if they need help with a particular concept or assignment. Then, the week finishes up with four classes on Thursday and three classes on Friday.    

Many students have felt that these Wednesdays, nicknamed “Check-In Wednesdays”, are very beneficial for their academics and crucial for their mental health. They allow time for students to de-stress and catch up with their school work. For example, if a student is given a lot of homework on Tuesday night, they may have a hard time finishing it all or understanding how to do it by the next morning. Check-in Wednesdays allow them to check in with their teachers if need be and complete this work with more time.  

With all that said, it’s clear that the online Wednesday schedule should remain once we go back to school in person (while the other days of the week should revert back to normal). Again, this would mean that students would stay at home and have the option to either check-in with teachers via Zoom or catch up on their school work. This would not only benefit students academically but it would also improve stress, anxiety, and depression levels greatly.This change should not be seen as radical; instead, it should be seen as a necessary component of the modern school-week.