Games such as Roblox and Fortnite have held virtual concerts featuring artists such as Lil Nas X, Marshmello, and Travis Scott. Despite the majority of real life concerts being cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t alternative options. On the weekend of November 13, Lil Nas X was featured on Roblox for over 33 million people to watch. He played popular songs such as the iconic “Old Town Road”, “Holiday”, and “Panini”. The way events like this happen is that people who are playing the game select different avatars and go to the location in the game in which the artist performs. In the case of the Roblox event, the artist was put in certain gear that would allow for him to be broadcasted singing and dancing to his music in the actual video game in real time. Although the idea of virtual concerts isn’t a new concept, it is cool to see new ideas such as live broadcasts taking place in video games for millions to see.

 Another take on virtual concerts happened back in April. From April 23-25, Fortnite hosted a Travis Scott concert in which the character or avatar of Scott was shown dancing on the main stage to hits such as “Sicko Mode”, “Stargazing”, “Highest in the room”, and his new hit single at the time, “The Scotts”. The thing that made this performance a big deal was that it was different than any other virtual concert that has ever happened. Instead of having a main stage with Scott dancing, this concert blew everything we knew about virtual concerts out of the water. It was a 15 minute event that felt like hours because of everything that happened. Opposed to the Roblox event where Lil Nas X was performing in real time, the Fortnite event took a different approach and featured a monster size version of Travis Scott doing many different acrobatic movements across the entire arena. Tons of special effects such as blinking lights, slow motion, anti-gravity, time travel, and bright colors were used. These effects were what really made the event so cool to watch from the viewer perspective. Over 10 million people watched it live with millions more watching it on youtube and other social media. 

Hopefully we continue to see more virtual concerts in the future. 2020 has been a bad year overall, but this is something we can all agree is positive.