By: Eric Brilliant

It has been a very turbulent year, to say the least. It has been evident that to thrive in 2020 you have to be able to adjust and adapt. Sports especially has been forced to adjust through very tough circumstances. Many crucial and controversial decisions have been made to continue or discontinue sports through COVID. One of the biggest decisions looming in the sports world was whether or not college sports would happen this fall. After much talk, several conferences decided it was best to have a college football season this year. However, one conference took a while to come to that conclusion. That conference was the Big Ten. Newly hired commissioner, Kevin Warner had a very tough first year and tough decisions were made. Canceling the Big Ten football season at first, Warren decided the Big Ten would have a football season in October. Warren knew that the athletes of these schools were at risk, and to limit the risk of COVID players had to follow the tough protocol as well as staff.
The Big Ten was back and too much success as all games scheduled for week one was played. However, shortly after Wisconsin had an outbreak and had to cancel their next two games. Warren knew this might happen; however, entering the season the Big Ten made it clear there would be no bye weeks for make-up games to possibly happen. Thus, making it very important for teams with college football playoff hopes to avoid any cancellations as they already would have a shortened resume with only 8 games. One of those teams would be Ohio State. After suffering a heartbreaking loss to Clemson a year ago in college football semifinals, Ohio State looked to 2020 as the year the Buckeyes would break through as national champions. However, those hopes were put on hold after a red hot Maryland, who looked to upset the Buckeyes for the first time since joining the Big Ten, came down with multiple cases of COVID. Maryland reported on Tuesday that the game would be canceled as 8 players tested positive for COVID, and its rumored several others tested positive at the initial 8 cases. It was heartbreaking for both sides as Maryland looked to continue their success and Ohio State looked to build their resume for the college football playoff committee. Regardless, the right decision was made to cancel the game to prevent further outbreak. The next question is whether or not Maryland will be able to play this week against a dire Michigan State. However, all reports indicate the terps will be on the field this Saturday.