While most of the country’s eyes are on the ongoing unprecedented general election, what happens in our local elections tends to be what impacts us most. Millions of Marylanders and Montgomery County voters took to the polls on November 3rd and voted on various things, including pressing issues over the county-wide council, commercial gambling, and more. The Tattler is here to provide you with a quick summary, so you can understand where things are headed locally. 

In Montgomery County, over 347,616 voters cast ballots for Board of Education seats, US Congress seats, Judges for the Circuit Courts, and on various questions. Lynne Harris won over Sunil Dasgupta for the Board of Education at large. Harris was endorsed by Moco for Change, a student-run organization. Dasgupta was endorsed by the teachers. Rebecca Smondrowski (incumbent) maintained her seat on the Board of Education — District 2. Shebra Evans (incumbent) also maintained her Board of Education — District 4 seat. There were 4 questions on the ballot. Question A was to limit tax-rate increases. Over 170,000 voters said they were for Question A. Question B was to prohibit override of property-tax limit. 166,169 voted against compared to 118,543 who voted yes. Question C was to increase County Council to 11 seats, with seven council districts and four at large seats. Over 60% voted yes. Finally, question D was to increase the County Council to 9 members, each representing a single district, with no at-large seats. Over 58% voted against this question. 

Statewide, there were two questions on the ballot. The first question was whether or not the Maryland General Assembly should be allowed to change the budget. 73.9% of Marylanders (as of November 5th) voted yes. The second question was whether or not to expand commercial gambling. 66.6% (as of November 5th) of Maryland voters selected yes on the ballot. Also statewide were questions on whether Judges would continue in office. For Judge of Maryland Court of Special Appeals, At Large over 1.4 million voted E. Gregory Wells, for continuance in office. For Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals, 240,873 voted yes to allow Mary Ellen Barbera to continue. Steven B. Gould was also voted to maintain his seat as Judge of Maryland Court of Special Appeals, District 7.

Local elections are equally as important as General elections, and it is essential that we mindfully cast our ballot at every level and understand the results.