Virtual learning in Maryland schools has gone on for roughly a month and a half as of now. The question that most people are pondering is when we will be able to go back to in person learning. There is no set date to go back to schools yet, but superintendent Jack Smith said that the board will have to plan for the eventual return of students in the future.

A big reason for not wanting to reopen schools any time soon is that 79 employees throughout MCPS have tested positive for the virus so far. This means that if we go back to in person learning too soon, there could be an outbreak that could’ve been easily avoided by keeping schools closed. An argument for why we should go back to school however is that lots of teachers are upset at the lack of engagement among students in a virtual learning environment.

It is not only teachers struggling though, many students have voiced their concerns through social media about how stressful virtual learning can be compared to in person classes. Josh Garfinkel, a senior at B-CC expressed his frustration with virtual learning by saying “Without any physical labs, proper tech training for teachers, and absolutely horrendous scheduling, virtual learning is the equivalent of putting a kid in front of a textbook for 6 hours and expecting them to both retain and regurgitate everything they read. I would say that I learn 5% of the material this year from zoom classes. The rest was learned from online materials and textbooks.” Only the future will tell if and when we will go back to in person learning but for the time being, school will continue to be virtual.