By: Laura Julia Fleischmann

Whether through comedic segments, covering school news, and more, B-CC TV has become an integral part of the broader B-CC Community. With hundreds of online subscribers and weekly viewers, the EmmyAward Winning student run show gave students, alumni, and their families a fun thing to look forward to every Friday. The program not only brought smiles to viewers’ faces, but opened up room to discuss serious issues facing our school community. Like most school activities and programs, COVID-19 left a lot of uncertainty about how B-CC TV would operate in an online setting. The B-CC TV team was determined to not let COVID-19 stop the production of the show. Booker McCann, one of the producers for the show, turned his basement into a filming site. However,  just 1 episode into season 5, B-CC admin decided to stop B-CC TV from being able to film as a school affiliated program. Admin cited the fact that cast members were not accurately following social distancing and COVID-19 guidelines as the reason for this decision. Following this announcement, B-CC TV and various cast members posted an Instagram story saying #FREEBCCTV. Later, they changed their Instagram handle to @notbcctv. On October 2nd, the B-CC TV Instagram account posted saying, “We’re not done making the content you know and love, but we will be separating from the school to maintain our creative independence. Stay tuned.”  From this point forward, the official school-sanctioned show will be on a hiatus until these guidelines are lifted. When asked what B-CC TV will be doing in the future, a cast member told the Tattler that “some students may continue making segments in their free time without any affiliation to the class or school. A mix of these projects will be put together so we can continue to release a quality product for the community to enjoy.” The continuation of B-CC TV brought a sense of normalcy to student’s lives. It will be interesting to see how they continue to create the content students look forward to each week separate from admin.