By: Collin Birks 

We are now through 4 weeks in the Premier League. It has been pretty action packed so far with some teams shocking people. Heading into Week 5 there are only 2 undefeated teams left, Everton(4-0) and Aston Villa(3-0). They will both be looking to stay undefeated. Both have tuff upcoming matches as Aston Villa plays Leicester City and Everton matches up against Liverpool. All 4 of these teams are currently sitting within the top 5 of the table with Everton and Aston Villa being 1 and 2 respectively and Leicester at 3 and Liverpool at 5. Sitting in between Leicester and Liverpool at the 4 spot is Arsenal. The teams still winless and at the bottom of the table are Fulham, Sheffield United, Burnley, and West Bromwich. However West Brom is a bit ahead of these teams as they have one draw that they picked up against Chelsea in week 3. 

Week 3 was quite rough for some of the top teams such as Chelsea and Manchester City. Chelsea came out in week 3 struggling as they conceded 3 goals in the first half on some sloppy mistakes by the defense. Luckily for them they managed to make a massive comeback by scoring 3 goals in the second half including one by Tammy Abraham in stoppage time to complete the 3 goal comeback. Chelsea was lucky to come out with a draw in this match giving them one point.  As for Manchester City’s game, they started strong as they scored within the first 4 minutes. Leicester came back strong as Jamie Vardy scored 3 straight goals for a hat trick, and Man city ended up losing this game 5-2. This game handed Man City their first loss of the season. In the other games between undefeated teams Everton beat Crystal Palace with a score of 2-1 and Liverpool put away Arsenal with a score of 3-1.

Week 4 was pretty action packed, we had one match between two undefeated teams. This game was Liverpool against Aston Villa, Aston Villa was too much for Liverpool as they netted a spectacular 7 goals. They were led by Ollie Watkins who had 3 goals and an 1 assist as well as Jack Grealish who put 2 goals in the net and had 3 assists. Chelsea also came out strong scoring 4 goals in their match against Crystal Palace. Chelsea could be dangerous this season with their already strong attack and the much needed improvement in the goalie position with the addition of Edouard Mendy, as he got his first clean sheet in his first game with them. Another game between two top teams was Man U against Tottenham. Man U started very well after scoring a pen in the first 2 minutes in this game, however the tide quickly turned as Tottenham scored 6 unanswered goals after this. Tottenham was led by Son Heung-Min and Harry Kane as the both of them scored 2 goals and had 1 assist. Manchester United has also gotten off to a slow start as it seems they can’t score in any way other than penalties, leading to the appropriate nickname “Penchester United.”

There is still plenty of time left in the season for the teams who have started slow to pick it back up. Hopefully there will be no pause in this season because of Covid-19 as they have been handling it pretty well. We start week 5 off strong with the Merseyside Derby, which should be  a great match between Liverpool and Everton.