By Nikki Mirala

This Monday, October 5th at 11:20 A.M.-12:20 P.M., Bethesda- Chevy Chase High School will introduce, “News Makers and Breakers”, a Speaker Series featuring the people in and behind today’s news. The rest of the series will take place on Wednesdays. 

The series will feature bipartisan speakers with prominent positions in journalism and politics who are at the forefront of our nation and state’s current events such as CNN Anchor Dana Bash who will be at the first virtual event this Monday.

While the series not only gives students an amazing opportunity to meet and listen to these influential figures, it additionally allows them to educate themselves on current issues. “We are responsible for solving the present and future problems, and to do that, we need to educate ourselves on the problems,” one of the event’s organizers, high school senior Raemi Charles, continues, “News Makers and Breakers is a great way to do that.”
Please encourage your MCPS students to come! For more information and/or to access the zoom link please see attached infographic and/or visit