2020 Fantasy Football Playoffs Preview: December 11th, 2020

It’s official. The 2020 fantasy football season for most standard leagues has just ended, and it is now time to look to the playoffs. For those very fortunate teams who managed to come out with a winning record, or a record that qualified them for the playoffs, now is the time to get serious. With single-elimination brackets getting kicked off this weekend, it is more important than ever to make sure that your lineup is perfect. However, what makes this season so special (not due to COVID) is that so many actual NFL teams are fighting for a playoff spot. There really is no one that has an easy road to success, every team is either looking for a playoff berth or a bye. That means that there is no need to worry about a guy like Patrick Mahomes getting benched in week 16 due to rest. There is much to look forward to and wins to be earned over the next few weeks. In this edition, there is going to be a detailed analysis of every division in the league, and what to look for as the season comes to a close. 

NFC East

As everyone probably knows by now, the worst division in football seizes to impress, in just about the most embarrassing way possible. However, there is a bright spot in the darkness, as the surging New York Giants are starting to look like an actual football team. Last Sunday in Seattle, backup quarterback Colt McCoy and backup running Wayne Gallman showed out for the Giants in a 17-12 win on the road. They were the serious underdogs, and they proved everyone wrong as McCoy earned his first win in 2014. In fantasy terms, as well as the Giant’s offense performed, it was really their defense that carried them to the win. New York’s defense could be an intriguing pickup for week 14, as they are playing the struggling Cardinals at home. In other NFC East news, Jalen Hurts seems to be getting more reps at quarterback for the Eagles, and given his success at the end of last week’s game against the Packers, he could be a sneaky pickup for some playoff teams. 

NFC North

The Green Bay Packers continue to dominate this relatively strong division, and there is no sign of change. Aaron Jones has continued to impress over the course of the season, and Devante Adams has as well. Ever since Adams came back from injury, he has been racking up several touchdowns and has been accumulating hundreds of yards. There is no need to try and trade for Adams as he will almost certainly be untouchable on most teams. However, his success does bode well for the passing game, so receivers like Marquez Valdes Scantling could be potential targets. For the rest of the division, the Vikings are starting to look better, so certain receivers like Justin Jefferson could be trade targets. 

NFC South

The general assumption is that Saints QB Drew Brees will be back in a few weeks, as he is currently recovering from his lung injury. This is going to open up an immense amount of opportunities for New Orleans receivers to make plays, especially because they will most likely lock up the division in a few weeks. Players such as Tre’quan Smith, who is even making plays with Taysom Hill as his QB, are potentially pickups/trade targets come fantasy playoffs. Also, Saints competitors such as the Buccaneers are going to be fighting for a playoff spot over the next couple of weeks, and their wide receiver situation is just as complicated as any other squad. Players such as Antonio Brown could be available at a low price, and even some of their running backs could be potential targets as well.

NFC West

The NFC West is proving to be one of the most competitive divisions in football, and as the season reaches its last few weeks, the race is only going to get more intense. The Cardinals, Seahawks, and Rams all have a shot at the win, and the wild card spots are also up for grabs. One sneaky trade target is going to be Rams’s running back Cam Akers. Akers was a highly touted fantasy prospect before the season began, but once he got injured and Darrell Henderson took over, his stock went down rapidly. However, Akers is starting to make a resurgence, and as the Rams conclude their season, he could see more reps in the backfield. Also, Seahawk’s wide receivers are going to be crucial targets as well given their recent struggles. QB Russell Wilson is going to be looking to throw a ton, and he is going to have an urge to win unlike any other this season after the upset loss to the Giants at home. Although DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are almost locked for teams to keep, the NFL did just activate Josh Gordon, so he could be a sneaky and risk-free pickup that can be dropped at any time if he gets sidelined again. 

AFC East

It seems as if this division is almost over, as the dominant Buffalo Bills are powering their way to their first division title since 1995. QB Josh Allen continues to impress as he makes his case for the MVP award, and Stefon Diggs is having a ridiculous season as well with the fifth-most points among all wide receivers. But for Buffalo, what we are looking at is a receiver by the name of Gabriel Davis. No one has talked about him all year, and Allen seems to love throwing to him. Two weeks ago against the Chargers, he had 79 receiving yards and a touchdown, which led all Buffalo receivers. For the rest of the division, the Patriots are playing a little better, as they now are even at 6-6. Cam Newton could be a pickup or trade target if a quarterback is needed on short notice, he had multiple rushing and passing touchdowns last week in their blowout win over the Chargers. The Dolphins are having a great season as well, with their record reaching 8-4 through week 13, and QB Tua Tagovailoa and RB Myles Gaskin are carrying their team to victory. 

AFC North

Along with the NFC West, the AFC North has three teams fighting for the division winners and wild card spots. The Steelers appear to have locked up the division as they are near perfect through week 13 at a record of 11-1, however, their recent play would suggest fatigue and downfall. While wide receivers Chase Claypool and Juju Smith Schuster continue to rack up big numbers, the squad seems to be struggling after their loss to the Washington Football Team at home. Elsewhere in the division, the Ravens are struggling badly, and they are looking for answers. Luckily for them, Lamar Jackson is back after being on the COVID list, and that should help them immensely. However, they were struggling before he went out, and they just could not get anything going on offense. Knowing Lamar Jackson, they are going to have to get going at some point, because he is not going to accept major defeat. This means that their receiver situation has to improve, and players such as Marquise Brown are going to be serious trade targets during the coming weeks. Overall, Baltimore receivers are going to improve, and it is going to be important to get ahead of that before everyone else does. 

AFC South

This division has a fight between two very qualified teams, the Titans and the Colts. During their matchup in week 10, the Colts dominated the Titans winning 34-17. However, it was a much different story in week 12, when star Tennessee RB Derrick Henry put up 178 rushing yards along with 3 rushing touchdowns. As of right now, the two teams stand even at 8-4 on the season, and the weeks involving the fantasy football playoffs should bring intensity to the division race. This could bring up a multitude of opportunities for Titans and Colts players, such as now prospering receiver T.Y Hilton of the Colts or Corey Davis of the Titans. Both of these players have had successful careers up until this season, and through the first half, they were struggling. However, during the past few weeks, their production has increased rapidly, and they are starting to become quality fantasy receivers again. 

AFC West

There is not much to say here only because the only topic is the Chiefs. As expected, Mahomes and the Chiefs have torn up the division, and they do not look like they are slowing down any time soon. In week 12, star wide receiver Tyreek Hill had just about the best game of his career with a total of 269 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns. On the ground, rookie Clyde Edwards Helaire has started to improve again as well despite his absence last week against the Broncos in their 22-17 win. Tight end Travis Kelce continues to dominate his position, as he is ranked number 1 overall among all tight ends in ESPN leagues. As the season comes to a close, the Chiefs will almost certainly clinch the division within the next couple of weeks, and the Raiders will continue their push for a wild card spot as they sit currently in the 3rd and final spot for the AFC.

All in all, this is the time for the successful teams to shine, and for the unworthy teams to go. As round one kicks off this weekend, the important thing to keep in mind is that whatever you have done up until this point has to mean something, you made the playoffs. In the end, second-guessing yourself on decisions is never going to help you, if you made it this far, odds are your starters are worthy of keeping their starting roles. 

Week 11: November 22nd, 2020

Believe it or not, the fantasy football playoffs in most standard leagues are only just a few weeks away, and it is already time to start thinking about playoff schedules. Certain players that otherwise may not have been targets are looking like their NFL schedules from week 13 through the end of the season are going to be very weak. This makes for easy fantasy steals, and an immense amount of point production. Obviously, there is no way that you are going to replace a guy like Derrick Henry for an average rated running back who may have an easier schedule. What we are looking for is second tier backs that can be traded away for players that are currently undermined, but may have a strong end of the season.

Playoff Pickups or Trade Options

ARI RB Chase Edmonds 

Although Edmonds is almost certainly taken, he can definitely be a trade target as the season progresses. Edmonds did just play on Thursday night, so he would not be available for this week. However, he would be available for fantasy playoff games, and last night’s performance showed a huge amount of upside. With Kenyan Drake playing better but still not living up to his full potential, there is certainly a great opportunity still waiting for Edmonds. If he performs better in the fantasy playoffs, then owners could be extremely happy.

BAL RB JK Dobbins

  Dobbins has definitely had a rough season, and his stats are not very promising to say the least. However, with Baltimore’s fantasy playoff schedule being as easy as it is, Dobbins is going to end up seeing a lot of opportunities out of the backfield. They do have a pretty extensive backfield in Baltimore, but Dobbins being a highly touted rookie bodes well for him when it comes to coaches decisions. We all know that Dobbins has what it takes to be great, if you watched him at all at Ohio State last year, you would know as well as anyone how talented he is. Once he breaks free and finds holes in the line, he is gone and few safeties are going to stop him.

Power Players for Week 11:

WR Tee Higgins @ Washington

Higgins has had a very impressive rookie season so far, and quarterback Joe Burrow seems to like having him on the field. With the Bengals playing a weak Washington defense this week, any Cincinnati receiver is going to have their opportunities. Burrow will be looking to throw a lot, especially with the powerful line that Washington has. Although their line is strong, their secondary is not as powerful, and Burrow and the Bengals will need to take advantage of that on Sunday with the weapons that they have on the receiving side. 

RB James Conner @ Jacksonville

Conner along with many other running backs this year have not been able to really get going. He has had a pretty decent fantasy year, putting up average numbers weekly. However, we have not seen anything too stellar yet during the 2020 season. This week could most certainly be different giving the team that they are playing. The Jaguars defense is most definitely hurting, and the Steelers will have an easy time taking advantage of their defensive line. Odds are holes are going to open up for Conner, and twenty, thirty yard gains could be in store for him on Sunday. 

In the end, it is all going to come down to how it works out every week in fantasy football. Some players are going to have breakout weeks, and some are not. It is the reality of the situation, some players play well, and some just do not perform. However, the best thing that you can do as a fantasy owner is look at the schedule, and look at who people are playing. That is always going to give you the best idea of who to start and who to sit. It is more important now than ever in this 2020 season to look at the strength of schedule, and make your decision off of that.   

Week 9/10: November 14th, 2020

Week 9 Recap

Week 9 in the NFL was nothing short of exciting, as we saw thrilling performances from several players across the league. Christian McCaffrey, who had been out since week 3, came back and had two total touchdowns with close to seventy rushing yards. He carried the Panthers to a very close finish against the super bowl champion Chiefs, but they came up just short after a missed deep field goal. Minnesota’s Dalvin Cook continued to impress fantasy owners as he had two touchdowns, making it a total of five over the past two weeks. He also had over two hundred rushing yards, which is just icing on the cake. In terms of receivers, Davante Adams from the Packers had himself a day as well. He is still recovering from his injury, as he just came back recently. However, Adams has shown no signs of fatigue as his numbers are only going up. 

Some unfortunate injuries did occur during week 9, and one of them involved McCaffrey. Although this one will not be even close to as bad as his previous injury, he did injure his shoulder and it will affect him. Also, David Montgomery had some concussion issues, but it does not appear as if his injuries will keep him out for too long if at all. As for the rest of week 9, it was mostly just the Jets losing again, and certain running backs tearing up the league. Quarterbacks such as Josh Allen had major performances, and based off of their performances this week, the rest of their seasons are looking very promising. 

Week 10 Preview

As the league moves into week 10, there are many players who are due for a breakout week. Some of them are simply just getting started for the season, and others had a rough first half. Regardless of the reason, an immense amount of players are poised for a successful second half, and for fantasy, getting these players before they breakout is the most optimal route. These players do not even have to be high draft picks, they can be guys who are supposed to break out in the second half of the season after not getting much playing time in the first half. Most of these guys would be rookies, and some of those rookies include Brandon Aiyuk and Tua Tagovailoa. 

Tua Tagovailoa Set to Play Third NFL Game After 2-0 Start

“Tank for Tua” was the popular phrase going around the league during the 2019 NFL season, and in his first few starts for Miami, Tua is living up to the hype. Although his numbers have not been super fantasy friendly, he does have two wins. Wins do not count for anything in fantasy, but they do provide insight into how the player will perform in the future. As for right now, Tua’s numbers should almost certainly go up, and he does have weapons to work with as well. Receivers such as Devante Parker are going to see an increased role as Tua begins to get more comfortable with the Dolphin’s offense, and they will improve as well. Miami could actually be a threat this year for the first time in a while, and fantasy owners need to take advantage of their improvement immediately.

Power Players for Week 10:

CAR RB Mike Davis vs. Tampa Bay

Although the Buccaneers defense is one of the best in the league, they did struggle greatly against the Saints last week. Davis will get another start after star running back Christian McCaffrey injured his shoulder last week, and his time on the field earlier in the season gave us some very promising insight. When Davis performs, he performs, he had multiple weeks while McCaffrey was on the IR when he had over twenty fantasy points, and he could be a crucial player this week. He has the potential to be a solid flex player for this week while McCaffrey is temporarily injured, and he could be the guy that gives you that mid season victory.

LAC WR Mike Williams @ Miami

The Chargers have come so close so many times throughout the season, and this could very well be their week to finally come through. Quarterback Justin Herbert has been nothing short of spectacular in his rookie season, and he is showing no signs of slowing down as he continues to put up monster numbers. Therefore, when you have a great quarterback, odds are the wide receivers for that team are going to break through as well. Keenen Allen can not be the only receiver making plays on sunday, there will be other opportunities for other lesser known receivers to make plays. Williams has had a few solid weeks earlier in the season, and if you have him on your roster this week, be sure to start him as this weekend could be a breakout week for him. 

All in all, as the NFL really gets into the second half of the season, more players are going to break out. Being on top of their success is going to be very important, so you really do not want to miss out on any major fantasy opportunities throughout the rest of the season. 

Week 8: November 1st, 2020

As the halfway point in the 2020 NFL season approaches, there is much to look back on, and much to look forward to regarding fantasy. There have been numerous injuries and setbacks that have greatly impacted fantasy teams since the start of the season, and there are more to come as well. However, coming into the next few weeks we have a lot of excitement ahead of us, that being the returns of former star receivers Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant. Who knows what shape these guys are in, especially Bryant who hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2017. It is going to be an interesting second half of the season, and as fantasy owners, we have to be ready for the worst. 

Antonio Brown Signs 1 Year Deal With Buccaneers

The legacy of Antonio Brown will live to see another year as he is again teaming up with Tom Brady, but this time in Tampa Bay. The risk with Antonio Brown is always high, you never know what he is going to do each week on the field and especially off. However, reuniting with Tom Brady makes for good opportunities, as his first stint with Brady in New England did go relatively well for the few weeks that he played. If Brown can actually play, fantasy owners will want to start him, and they will not want to look back. 

Le’veon Bell Playing Second Week with Chiefs

Clyde Edwards-Helaire still seems to be getting most of the workload in Kansas City, however he is a rookie. Bell will still be getting carries, and although Edwards-Helaire is starting to heat up, Bell could see some quality opportunities during the second half of the season. Basically if you need running backs, try and trade for Bell because his price right now is not very high, and he could turn out to be a decent second tier back. This applies to a ton of running backs throughout the league, but Bell is certainly an exception. 

Power Players for Week 8:

TE Rob Gronkowski @ New York Giants

Gronk has had a few solid weeks since his emergence. He is definitely starting to heat up as the season reaches its halfway point, and that Brady Gronkowski dynamic duo relationship seems to be coming back. Obviously Gronk and Brady are not the same as they were four years ago, but they can still produce touchdowns and in fantasy touchdowns are key. Also with the absence of OJ Howard, Gronk has been able to take on a larger role with this Tampa Bay team, and he is now starting to assert himself as the lead tight end again. 

WR Henry Ruggs III @ Cleveland

Ruggs is one of the most versatile and just plain quick rookie receivers since the start of the 21st century, and Raiders QB Derek Carr seems to recognize that. Almost every week now it appears as if Ruggs is always lighting up the highlight reels, and he is not slowing down. When you have a guy that is able to outrun almost any cornerback, it is pretty easy to find him downfield for an easy deep touchdown. There is a strong possibility that he will be matched up against star cornerback Denzel Ward who is also very quick, but with Rugg’s route running, anything is possible. 

RB Jonathan Taylor @ Detroit

Coming into the season, Taylor was regarded as one of the best rookie running backs, and most likely the one with the most potential. His final season at Wisconsin was pretty incredible, the way he tore up defenses was fun to watch, and people were sure that his talent would carry over to the NFL. Taylor has had a decent run with the Colts so far, putting up quality numbers, but nothing that jumps out at you. This week however, he is going up against a struggling Detroit Lions team, and if he can find holes in the defensive line, he could see a huge fantasy day. 

All in all, start people who are due to break out, because at one point or another they will, and you will not want to miss it. Their opportunities are coming, and when they come, they will impact your team immensely.

Week 7: October 24th, 2020

As we move into week 7, more and more players are starting to have their bye weeks, which in turn means that fantasy rosters will need to be filled. The teams on bye this week include the Vikings, Ravens, Dolphins, and the Colts. Players such as Lamar Jackson and Dalvin Cook will not be playing this week, and fantasy teams could see setbacks. However, there are players out there that you can pick up if your bench is not sufficient. Just because a star player is on bye does not mean that you are guaranteed to lose. In the end, it all comes down to how you manage your team, and whether you make the right decisions regarding replacements.

Waiver Wire Week 7:

WR Duncan Robinson

The Chiefs are set to play the Denver Broncos this weekend, and barring any other COVID restrictions, all wide receivers should see an increase in receptions this week. Patrick Mahomes cannot limit his options to just Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, he needs to branch out, and Robinson is definitely a receiver that could receive more looks. The Broncos secondary is not the best, and the Kansas City receivers could certainly exploit that on Sunday. When Mahomes takes the field this weekend, he is going to be anxious to throw the ball after last week’s running domination from Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Therefore, receivers will have their fair share of targets. 

Any Bills Running Back

When a team is playing the Jets, they are bound to put up hundreds of yards. This means that players such as Josh Allen, Devin Singletary, and Stephon Diggs could see twenty five plus point performances on Sunday. However, the Bills could be winning by so much after the third quarter due to those guy’s performances that they probably will have to run down the clock. Therefore, secondary running backs such as Zack Moss and T.J. Yeldon will have a decent amount of touches as well. In general, stats have shown that if a team plays the Jets, their players have great fantasy weeks. This week is no exception, and every offensive threat for the Bills may just have an impressive week. 

Power Players:

WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling @ Houston

MVS has not had the sort of season that everyone had expected, but his numbers are not awful. Rodgers is looking for other weapons, and MVS could just as well be a threat this weekend. Although he only had 32 receiving yards last week, the Houston defense is having one of its worst seasons in a while, and most of the Packers receivers should be able to take advantage. Along with MVS are Davante Adams and Allen Lazard, who will also be getting the bonus of playing against Houston’s secondary. Also, Aaron Rodgers is also due for a big fantasy week, so make sure to start him.

RB Todd Gurley vs. Detroit

The Falcons had their first really solid game last week against the Vikings, and playing the Lions they are sure to continue their streak. The ground game should be a dominant factor in Sunday’s matchup, and Atlanta’s number one running back Todd Gurley is sure to have a breakout performance. He has had some other decent games this season, but this week could be his week to put up over one hundred yards and multiple touchdowns. Matt Ryan will be throwing to people, but Gurley should receive a good amount of the workload. 

All in all, if you have a Bills player or a wide receiver that has been due for a breakout performance, start them. In terms of the wide receiver, this could be their week, and you do not want to miss out on their stellar game. This week could provide major fantasy opportunities even with the four teams on bye, and managers should be happy with how their players perform.      

Week 6: October 17th, 2020

As more and more COVID positive tests come back from teams like the Patriots and the Titans, there are worries regarding fantasy. The patriots last week had to force a postponement of their game against the Broncos, and it is certainly possible that the same thing will happen this week. Even the Bills, who were COVID free since the start of the season, had to shut down their facility after playing at Tennessee on Tuesday night. Also, more free agent signings happened over the last few days, and they could majorly impact how your lineup performs. 

COVID Positive Tests

There is growing concern that the NFL will have to completely shut down after this week’s rise in positive tests. Multiple teams have contracted the virus, and it seems as if there is no slowing down. This is not a great sign for fantasy, as multiple players may have to sit simply because their teams are not playing. Last week, players such as Cam Newton and Melvin Gordon had to sit because their teams were not playing, and other players could experience the same dilemma. Do not worry too much though, the NFL has started to take more precautions, and infected teams are closing their facilities to prevent further transmission. This should lead to a decrease in cases if infected teams stay away from everyone else. 

Le’veon Bell

You probably already heard about the whole Le’veon madness that has occurred over the past week, and it could help him or hurt him. Odds are it is going to help him, as he is moving to arguably the best team in the NFL, and he will have many more opportunities to use his versatility. However, the major question isn’t for Le’veon’s success, but more for Clyde Edwards Helaire’s success. The rookie phenom out of LSU had a very impressive week one with 138 yards and a touchdown. Ever since that point, he has not played up to his potential, only rushing for a high of 64 yards in weeks 3 and 4. In terms of Le’veon, he will not take over Edwards Helaire’s number one slot, or at least not yet. Edwards Helaire will be able to prove himself over the next few weeks, but if he continues to put up the rather lackluster numbers that he is currently maintaining, then Le’veon could see an increased role in the backfield. After all, just a few years ago he was the number one running back in football, and he could still have that talent that he showed everyone back in 2017. 

Power Players for Week 6

RB Alexander Mattison vs. Atlanta

The Vikings are playing at home against the struggling Falcons, and Star running back Dalvin Cook was just ruled out with a groin injury. Mattison should receive a full workload this week, with only Mike Boone playing behind him. The Falcons are a bad team, and they have let up a ton of yards throughout the season, so any running back that plays them will most likely see success. Last week against the 5-0 Seahawks, Mattison had 20 carries for 112 yards, which is impressive for any back, and it was against an undefeated team as well. If Mattison can put up 112 yards against the best team in the NFC, then what can he do against arguably the worst?

All in all, if you have any Vikings on your team, make sure to start them this week. With Dan Quinn fired and the interim coach still getting used to his squad, things could get ugly for Atlanta. Other than that, be sure to look at the waiver wire and add any players you might need given the uncertainty of the week ahead. 

WR Cooper Kupp @ San Francisco

The 49ers have a very beat-up secondary, and therefore covering talented wide receivers is going to be a tough task. Cooper Kupp has proven himself in the past, and this year he has had a relatively decent season. This week could be his week to shine, if he breaks out against San Francisco he could see a 20+ point fantasy week. Robert Woods, the other main receiver in Los Angeles, should also see production. However, Kupp has proven that he is the number one receiver, so if all goes right, he should see more targets. 

Week 5: October 9th, 2020

Over the last couple of weeks, the Tennessee Titans have caused several problems for the NFL. Games have been postponed, and players have been getting sick. These issues have led to a great deal of concern among NFL fans, especially fantasy owners. The team that is playing the Titans on a given week will be uncertain about whether or not they will play. This weekend is no exception, the Buffalo Bills who are currently 4-0 on the season are set to play in Nashville now on Tuesday, and the uncertainty is immense. 

What to do about Bills and Titans stars

One of the leading candidates for the most valuable player award so far is Bill’s quarterback Josh Allen. Through week four, he has led his team to a 4-0 record beating teams such as the Los Angeles Rams and the Oakland Raiders. He has averaged around thirty fantasy points per week, and has accumulated a total of twelve passing touchdowns. Losing him for a week would be crucial, especially given the amount of injuries and other issues with players that could be potential replacements. However, there is a solution. If the Bills do have to miss this week’s game in Tennessee, then certain other quarterbacks will have to fill in for fantasy rosters. First off is Daniel Jones, who has struggled for most of the season but will see a lackluster Dallas defense this weekend. The Cowboy’s defense has allowed a whopping total of 126 points over the last three weeks. If Jones can just find an open receiver down field, he will have the opportunity of the season. 

For wide receivers and running backs, Stephon Diggs, Devin Singletary, and Derrick Henry will all be affected this weekend. Therefore, trades or pickups will need to be made. For Henry and Singletary, there are always a good deal of running backs available each week. Most of the top tier adds this week most likely have already been taken, so the best option is going to be Gus Edwards from Baltimore. Although he is competing with three other guys in the backfield, they all generally tend to share carries throughout the game. Dobbins and Ingram both tend to not dominate the backfield, giving Edwards the opportunity to step in. 

Stephon Diggs is a big loss, as he is ranked in the top ten for wide receivers at the end of week 4. He has also put up some pretty big numbers, with 317 receiving yards over the last three games. In terms of additions for wide receivers, the best two options are going to be either Tee Higgins from Cincinnati, or Olamide Zaccheaus from Atlanta. Both have shown that they have potential, and over the past couple of weeks they have received attention from their respective quarterbacks. For Zaccheaus, with Julio Jones most likely out this week and Calvin Ridley also slightly injured, he could see more targets from Matt Ryan. Higgins is starting to get hot in Cincinnati, and Joe Burrow seems to like him as a primary receiver. 

Power Players for Week 5

RB Darrell Henderson Jr. @ Washington

Henderson has really stepped up this year for the Rams, with 222 rushing yards since taking over for Cam Akers. Playing against Washington, Henderson should see a lot of carries out of the backfield, and his offensive lines will be able to open up solid holes for him. Last week, Baltimore running backs (who were all sharing carries) combined for 88 yards and a touchdown. Henderson could have a major week in Washington if he can break some tackles at the line of scrimmage.

WR Christian Kirk @ New York Jets

Last week against the Panthers, Kirk managed to haul in a touchdown in Arizona’s loss. That was however, with a more healthy Deandre Hopkins who had seven catches. With Fitzgerald as old as he is, and Hopkins somewhat injured, Kirk could see more targets this weekend from second year standout quarterback Kyler Murray. A big fantasy day could be in store for Kirk, he could be a sneaky target as a second tier receiver in Arizona. 

Week 4
October 2nd, 2020

Believe it or not the one hundredth and one season of the NFL is at week four, and there is a lot to discuss regarding fantasy football. Injuries have been the main storyline so far, and week two was most likely the most injury riddled week the NFL has ever seen. Players such as Saquan Barkley and Christian McCaffrey went down with major leg injuries, and fantasy owners were left with a crucial open RB1 slot. Going forward, there are going to be more injuries and setbacks, maybe due to torn ACLs or maybe even just due to COVID-19. However, as seen in the past, a crucial injury does not mean that a season forfeit is needed. 

Waiver Wire: Wide Receivers

As week 4 approaches, there are a lot of players up for grabs that could put up huge numbers. In terms of wide receivers, it is important to look at touchdown production. If you have not picked up or looked at former LSU star Justin Jefferson, then do it now. The Vikings stud rookie receiver brought in 175 receiving yards last week and a touchdown to basically carry the entire Vikings offense. Not only did he have a stellar week, but when he was playing at LSU in the semi final national championship game against Ohio State, he put up a whopping 227 yards and 4 touchdowns. When it comes to fantasy football, yards matter, but touchdowns are king. A receiver that loves to find the endzone will always be a winner for fantasy owners, and Justin Jefferson exemplifies that to the fullest extent. 

Two more wide receivers to look at are Gabriel Davis and Cole Beasley from the Bills. Beasley has had some success for Dallas in the past, but in general both of them are smaller names. However, the two of them see a lot of targets from Josh Allen each week as they only play behind Stephon Diggs and John Brown. Davis is available in 93% of ESPN fantasy leagues, and last week he had 81 yards. Beasley is available in 84% of ESPN leagues, and during week 3 he had 100 receiving yards. They are both solid flex players that could work out if receivers are a necessity. The Bills are also a primary passing offense so their receivers get a ton of looks. Stephon Diggs, their number one target, does not get the majority of attempts. Allen likes to throw the ball to all of his receivers. Therefore Davis and Beasley will see a good amount of playing time as a potential number 2 and 3 receiver on a 3-0 squad.

Waiver Wire: Running Backs

Week 4 is a lot different than week 3 in the sense that there were not that many injuries this week, so there are not that many replacements to be found. The highly anticipated debut of Mike Davis this past week did not disappoint, with 91 total scrimmage yards and a touchdown. Also this past week the 49ers had to play without their star running back Raheem Mostert, and they did not have a definite starter. Jerrick Mckinnon, who is generally not available in most leagues, played well but did not receive all of the carries. One other guy who is available is Jeff Wilson Jr who is available in 75% of all ESPN leagues. Wilson had 69 total scrimmage yards and 2 touchdowns on Sunday, and looked very promising for the weeks to come. 

Waiver Wire: Tight Ends

Indianapolis Colts tight end Mo Alie-Cox is a top target for week 4 after his intriguing performance last week. Alie Cox is widely available in most leagues, and Philip Rivers does not have the best options at the receiver level. If Alie Cox gets open in the endzone, odds are Rivers will find him and we will be able to produce some quality scores to help boost fantasy scores. 

Power Players for Week 4:

RB Alvin Kamara @ Detroit

Kamara is coming off a stellar week 3 performance after putting up 2 total touchdowns and 139 receiving yards. In addition, anyone who plays Detroit, whether they are on the road or at home will always see success. Aaron Jones, the primary running back for the Green Bay Packers had over 40 fantasy points a few weeks ago against the Lions. Detroit has a rather weak defensive line, so many skilled running backs will not have a problem scoring. 

WRs Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd vs. Jacksonville

As rookie quarterback Joe Burrow starts to heat up in Cincinnati, his wide receivers should start to see some production. Higgins is a very quick and powerful rookie receiver who shined at Clemson, and had two receiving touchdowns in the redzone last weekend against the Eagles. Boyd, the Bengals number 1 target will be receiving a good amount of looks this weekend as he faces a lackluster Jaguars defense. Both of them should be able to get open downfield, and they should be able to shine for fantasy owners.

QB Cam Newton @ Kansas City

Although playing the Chiefs is always a tough task, the offense does make up most of the talent. The Kansas City defense has gotten much better over the past few years, yet stopping speedy quarterbacks has not been their strong suit. Last week, even though the Ravens got obliterated by Mahomes and the Chiefs, when Lamar Jackson was able to get out of the pocket and scramble he was able to find more open field. Newton is very similar to Jackson in that sense, he loves to scramble and when he can find openings he is off to the races. Newton can expect to see many opportunities for rushing this weekend, and that always makes for good fantasy opportunities.