By: Bryan Spellman 

This year’s NFL season was highly anticipated for the fans because of everything currently going on in the world. The season started off with a bang when the world tuned in to watch the Chiefs and Texans kick off the season. The reigning Super Bowl champs got off to a strong start by beating the new look Texans. Week 1 continued on Sunday with the Seahawks, Ravens, Bills, Packers, Patriots, and Saints all starting their imminent playoff push with a win. There were also some pretty big upsets to start off the season including the newly named Washington Football Team beating the eagles. The Jaguars also beat the Colts, and the Cardinals beat the reigning NFC champs, the 49ers. These 3 teams were expected to all lose and look to maybe surprise teams and fans this year and make a playoff push. The first Sunday Night game was a nail biter with the Rams beating the Cowboys in the first game in their new stadium. Monday night started with a double header with both the Steelers and Titans getting off to good starts. 

Week 2 started with a battle of two 0-1 division rivals, the Bengals and Browns. Baker Mayfield led the Browns to their first win of the season in the battle of two young quarterbacks. Sunday quickly came with all of the 1-0 teams trying to keep their strong start going and all of the 0-1 teams trying to get their first win of the season. Some teams who had high expectations on the season got their first wins this week including the Buccaneers, Cowboys, Colts, and 49ers. The highly anticipated Sunday night game saw the Russel Wilson led Seahawks face the new Tom Bradyless Patriots. The Seahawks barely escaped with a win to improve their record to 2-0. Monday night was expected to be a pretty easy win for the Saints, however the Josh Jacobs led Raiders upset the Saints in front of the whole world. 

Week 3 kicked off with a battle of 2 teams with low expectations in the Jaguars and Dolphins. The Dolphins offense had a great performance to get their first win of the season. Sunday saw a lot of close games with 8 one possession games including the first tie of the season. Sunday night was a battle of two of the best quarterbacks to play the game in Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees with Rodgers coming out with the win. Monday night, similar to Sunday night was a battle of two of the quarterbacks of the future in Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes came away with the win to join the Bears, Bills, Titans, Steelers, Seahawks, and Packers in the 3-0 club. With almost a quarter through the regular season, it seems as if it is going to be a season to remember.