By: Collin Birks 

The first two weeks of the Premier League have just finished. There are still 7 undefeated teams including Leicester City, Everton, Arsenal, Liverpool, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, and Manchester City. The teams currently sitting at the bottom of the table and winless are Burnley, Manchester United, West Ham United, Sheffield United, Fulham, Southampton, and West Bromwich Albion. At least one of these teams will be picking up their first win as Burnley plays Southampton later in the week. 

3 of the Undefeated teams are bound for a loss in the upcoming week as 6 of these teams play each other. The battle of the undefeated teams include Leicester City vs Manchester City, Everton vs Crystal Palace, and Liverpool vs Arsenal. Aston Villa is the one undefeated team that does not face a different undefeated team, they have a match against the winless Fulham squad. We will see if Fulham can pick up their first win or if Aston Villa can stay undefeated. 

In the first week, last years top finisher Liverpool had a close match against the newly promoted team Leeds in a game that resulted in a 4-3 win for Liverpool. Although this may have shown that this year’s Liverpool team might not be as good as last years, in week 2 they still managed to beat another top team in Chelsea with a score of 2-0. Leicester City’s attack has been looking pretty dangerous as they have already scored 7 goals in just 2 games. This is behind last year’s golden boot winner Jamie Vardy who has scored 2 penalties already. However their first two games were against teams that are currently sitting at the bottom of the table so we will have to see how they match up against a good team in Manchester City in week 3. So far Dominic Calvert-Lwein of Everton and Son Heung-Min of Tottenham are leading the league in goals scored as they both have 4. Covid-19 has not seemed to have been an issue within the first few weeks of the season and hopefully it can stay that way throughout. The second half of the last season went pretty smooth while covid-19 was going on so hopefully this season is just like the second half of last season. It seems as we are in for quite the premier league season.